Talkspace Advice for Those That Face Uncertainty During a Time of Health Crisis

The arrival of COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact on the world and it has left many people feeling nervous, scared, and even angry. For many individuals, their emotions have been fluctuating since the health crisis began. Many people find themselves trying to be strong during a time of uncertainty. The reality is that being OK during a time like this is easier said than it is done. With this in mind, there are some important points that the team at Talkspace wants people to keep in mind while the world faces this health crisis together.

The Importance of Understanding That Your Feelings Matter

One of the points that the team at Talkspace makes about coping during the health crisis is the importance of simply embracing the feelings that one experiences. Many people will try to deny that they are feeling strong emotions but it is important to remember that this is normal during a time of uncertainty. For many, feelings of sadness and depression have come along regularly since the pandemic began. The Talkspace team points out that trying to fight against one’s feelings can end up making things worse. They point out that it is important to come to terms with one’s feelings and to learn patience. Doing this can help during the times that the world is currently experiencing.

Some Suggestions for Achieving Acceptance and Moving Forward

The Talkspace team has some specific suggestions that can help individuals to achieve acceptance and move forward during this difficult time. These suggestions include the complete acceptance of one’s self. One needs to remember that they are doing their best during a time where no one knows what might yet come. Mindfulness is another point that the team suggests can help in moving forward. It is important to stay in the moment during times like these. This can include paying attention to what is going on in your environment.

Mindfulness meditation can help in one’s efforts to remain in the moment and focused. Journaling is another step that can be taken to move forward during uncertain times. This can include taking the time to write down the different feelings and thoughts that one has throughout the day. This can prove to be a valuable tool for achieving clarity. Successful journaling can be as simple as writing down a few lines every day. It is one of those tools that can make a difference in achieving acceptance during a time of uncertainty.

It is also important to remember that the entire world really is in this together. The feelings that each person is having are often ones that many others are experiencing as well. It can feel like it is more difficult to stay connected during these times, but it is important to make the effort to do so. It is also important to reach out to a healthcare professional if you begin to feel overwhelmed emotionally during these unprecedented times.