How Much Do Wholesale Diamonds Cost?

Everyone knows that diamonds are expensive. However, getting it at a wholesale price is possible. Yes, you read that right. Wholesale stores can cater to retail stores as well as individuals who want to buy diamonds for business or personal use. Are you looking for a wholesale diamond dealer in Dallas, TX? visit Shira Diamonds. Let’s find out how much wholesale diamonds cost? Save diamonds like a pro by checking on the following factors before making a diamond purchase:


All diamonds sold should come with a certificate. And make sure the certificates are issued by authorized institutions such as GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and AGS (American Gem Society). These two are the most popular among the institutions that can certify diamonds. 


The quality of the diamond can be seen by evaluating it 4cs which are color, clarity, cut, and carat. Getting familiar with the 4cs can help you get a diamond that equates with your money’s worth. Each shape of diamond has a standard 4cs to follow. Having a standard to follow will let you know if your diamond is of good quality or not. 


Diamonds are graded according to their color and fluorescence. Colorless diamonds are the most expensive ones, but nearly colorless ones can serve as a good alternative since they are more affordable.  For colored diamonds, ones with a yellow tint can lower the price of a diamond, while for greenish ones the color makes their value increase. 


The flawlessness of a diamond affects its price. Flawless diamonds can be more expensive. The good thing about inclusions is some may not be visible to the naked eye, which makes them appear good but less expensive. Clarity and color are evaluated together to be able to determine the value. For instance, if you compare a diamond with G SI1 to G VS2, G VS2 can be, but by merely looking at it G SI1 can be prettier under the naked eye. Then buying G SI1 can save you more money, and you still get a presentable diamond compared to buying one with high quality but looks less appealing. 


Cutting diamonds in different shapes can be a factor in the increase in pricing. For instance, round diamonds are more expensive since they are popular and more in demand. Roughness in cutting the diamond can also affect the pricing. Cutting diamonds is not an easy job. For instance, cutting a diamond that is less than one carat perfectly can be sold at a higher price compared with a poorly cut 1.0 carat diamond. Diamonds that are cut roughly can lead to losses. 


Diamond prices are based on per carat. How to calculate the diamond price per carat is simple :

  • Total Cost Of A Diamond = Carat Weight X Price Per Carat
  • Computation Example:

0.5 carat X $1400 =$700 

The formula might look simple. However, each carat has a category and the price of each carat depends on the category. You can check diamond charts with your wholesale diamond store to get an idea of how much your diamond will cost. Comparing prices of diamonds based on their clarity, color, cut and carat can make you decide which one is more worth it to buy. 


Branded wholesale diamonds can be more expensive despite their quality. Choosing a less popular brand can give you a more affordable diamond price. 

How Much Do Wholesale Diamonds Cost? Getting in touch with the wholesale diamond store can be the best way to find out prices since each store may vary. But getting familiar with the factors that affect diamond prices can help you have an idea of how diamonds are being priced. In this way, you can prepare your budget and have an idea of how much you are going to pay for the diamond you have in mind. It will also be wise to determine the shape, size, and carats of the diamond you want to purchase so it will be easier for sellers to give you a quotation. Be open to their suggestions on what’s better than your preference since as you have seen factors can be tricky in getting the best diamond at the right price.