How Roses Can last A Year

All around the world, roses are a sign of love and affection. A lot of people gift roses and chocolates to their loved ones to show how much they love and care for them. Nowadays, a new concept has come into the market, but not all people knew about it. The concept is eternal roses. The concept represents the fact that roses can last for almost a year, which means the fragrance of the rose will be fresh within the time span of 12 months.

Once this idea started spreading, people started to ask how a flower can survive so much time as usual Flowers tends to lose their appeal in 2 three days. So if you are curious about how roses can last for a year, then you are in the right place.

This article is assembled to answer all the questions regarding the eternal roses and how these special roses stay alive for a whole time, videos 12 months.


The selection process of the roses

The roses that can stay alive are basically like standard roses, which are very carefully selected from The Rose bundles, locked and preserved through a massive preservation procedure to sustain the natural oils and SAP inside The Rose so they could last longer than usual. However, the process is complicated and expensive, so the roses that can last for a year are hard to find and expensive, and not all people can afford it.

These roses stay fresh and do not have a stale feel to it as the aroma and the fragrance of the flower stays put. If you observe the Flowers, you won’t be able to tell whether they are 40 days old or just freshly picked.

Is the fragrance affected by the preservation process?

The preservation process does not affect the sequence as the fragrance stays the same as standard roses, fresh and aromatic. The natural Fragrance of the Rose is not lost within the process; instead, it enhances the fragrance’s time so it could last longer. Many people are curious about whether the fragrance of the rose is a real or artificial essence. The answer to the question is no. The fragrance is entirely natural and authentic. The preservation process only helps the rose to stay fresh for a long time, nothing else.


Advantages of buying these roses

These roses can remind your loved ones that you care about them on a daily basis for about a year. You can put them anywhere, and they won’t rot. These drivers also are very low in maintenance as there is no need for any watering cutting and destemming. The preservation process makes the flower last longer and gives it a sturdy immune to all-natural issues like sunlight and heavy moisture. 

Not to mention it is also very light on your wallet. If you calculate the annual money you spend on buying those roses for your loved ones on every occasion. You will know that buying these one-year roses will cut out a lot of money outers the gift expenditure amount. You happy, your loved ones happy, and your wallet’s happy. What more can you ask for?


above mentioned was all the information about the preservation process and how roses can last for a whole year. Hopefully, this will be helpful and has assisted you with all your questions about The rose and its fragrance. So go online. Search and buy your loved ones a gift they will never forget.  Get them these everlasting reminder of your love and support. Let them know what they mean to you.