How to Choose the Best Online Casino

The times when playing casino games was considered a negative hobby or even a weakness are long gone now. Thanks to the systematic regulation of the online casino market around the world, this activity started to be seen just like any other pass-time activity out there. Of course, it involves spending money and you also have the possibility to win money while you’re doing it. But how many other hobbies are very costly? Have you heard anyone complaining about how bad golfing is? Anyway, now with all the online casinos available for users, the situation is a lot better. Not having to go to the casino and be seen entering the venue also helped make the activity a lot more popular. For all readers that wish to know what the main things are to look at when deciding to try out the online casino experience.


The first and most important thing you should check when looking at a new online casino is the license they have. Since we spoke about how regulating the market helped a lot in making gambling a lot more popular, you should know that the licensing system is the heart of the entire effort of regulating the market. A casino that is licensed has certain obligations and requirements that it needs to meet in order to function. This does not only help users increase their confidence in that online casino, but also means they are checked regularly by relevant authorities to ensure everything is in compliance with the existing rules.

Right now, almost every European country has its own licensing authority, however, there are also licenses that allow casinos to operate in multiple countries. One good example of such authority is the MGA – Malta Gaming Authority – that grants casinos the right to operate in a long list of European countries. If we’re talking about authorities of certain countries, one of the most strict and respected is the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC). To get licensed from UKGC, an online casino does not only have to deliver flawless services and have their paperwork checked to the decimal, but also they need to obey to a long list of rules about protecting players.

Even though it’s newer in the landscape, the Swedish Gambling Authority is also known as being very strict with the licenses it offers. Player protection and fair play are the cornerstones that the Swedish Gambling Authority focuses on when reviewing license applicants.

Welcome Offer

Now that we’ve seen what’s the first step in making sure you’re going to enjoy fair and high-quality services, let’s move on to checking out what other things you should look after to make sure your experience will be awesome. Of course, the bonus you receive when signing up or when making the first deposit is the obvious choice. New beginnings are very important, so you need to make sure you get as much boost as possible. A 100% can be enough if it doesn’t come with plenty of restrictions attached. However, better offers are also available at online casinos out there so you should always use a site that lists all the offers so you always choose the best online casino possible.

And since we spoke about restrictions, the thing you really need to keep an eye out for wagering requirements on the bonus. The standard level for wagering requirements should be around 30 times the bonus amount, even though there are casinos out there that keep it even lower than that. However, if you spot anything around 40 or above, you should know to stay away.

The wagering requirement refers to how many times you will need to play the bonus amount before it is converted into withdrawable cash. So, if you get a €100 bonus and you need to wager it 30 times, you get a total wagering requirement of €3,000. Which may sound like a lot, however, if you place €5 bets you will complete that in 600 bets. Spinning the reels of your favorite slot 600 times can pass by like a breeze. Not to mention that in this process you can win even more so you have a good chance of ending up with a nice balance.

Games Offer

Finally, when choosing a new online casino, you need to check and see what types of games they offer. Sure, they might have a good license to operate online and their welcome bonus is an outstanding 300% with 25 wagering requirements. However, if you can only play classic slots, your experience won’t amount to much. Sure, the chances of this combination to exist in real life are slim, however, we forced this example, so you get the point. Make sure there’s a vibrant offer of online slots, table games, and other casino games so you can have plenty to choose from and find your favorite.

Once you checked all three of these “boxes” and you’re happy with the result, you’re ready to create an account and have some fun playing online casino games for real money!