How To Choose The Ideal Dress For Your Body Type

Shopping for your ideal dress is a breeze — but only in theory. We often want to believe that getting a good dress just involves you going to a store, or website, picking out a dress whose colors or appearance you like and walking out ready to enjoy your new outfit. Practically, that may not be the case. 

Although you may have picked the right color or the type of dress, none of it will matter if it does not fit your body type. 

Although it may seem like a daunting experience trying to look for a dress that fits your body type, it is not that hard. The best way to start is by first embracing your body type and celebrating your unique features. Only then will you be able to easily find the ideal dress for your body type.

Getting Started

Most retailers that sell dresses online will go the extra mile to show the dimensions of the dresses and also have real people wear them to give you the whole picture. It would be prudent to understand that a female’s body comes in various shapes and sizes. 

Getting the right dress doesn’t necessarily end at getting the trendiest outfit but really choosing the dresses that best suit you.

The first step involves being able to identify your body shape. Most women’s bodies fall under four key categories: pear-shaped, hourglass-shaped, apple, and athletic-shaped. Getting the ideal outfit will be easier once you figure out your body shape

Here are a few dress types that we’d recommend for every figure to assist you in choosing your perfect dress. 

Dresses For Pear-Shaped Women

A pear body shape is characterized by having larger hips and thighs. In most cases, pear-shaped women have narrower shoulders and a more defined waist.

In this case, you should consider dresses that make your waist a focal point. Getting an open or v-neckline will help elongate your overall look.

Dresses For Hourglass-Shaped Women

An hourglass body shape is what is often described to be curvy. Women with this shape have roughly even bust and hip measurements. They have fuller busts, hips, and thighs with a rounded bottom. 

You ought to flaunt your curves when seeking the perfect dress. Getting a dress that reflects your well-balanced figure, such as figure-hugging and form-fitted dresses, would be ideal. You simply have to ensure that the dress sits well in all the right places. Rompers, jumpsuits, and belted dresses are some more considerations.

Dresses For Apple-Shaped Women

Apple-shaped women have a well-proportioned body, which often has a larger bust and fuller midsection, and slender (or not as curvy) on their hips.

When styling for the apple shape, you could consider outfits that can draw away the attention from your upper body alone. You could get a dress with a more flowy or full skirt to de-emphasize your upper body and midsection.

Dresses For Athletic-Shaped Women

Athletic-shaped women have equal bust and hip measurements but are not as defined as other shapes. Their weight is also evenly distributed throughout the body and often has a flatter bottom, leaner, and some are quite taller.

You can enhance your figure through round or sweetheart necklines that can break up your figure’s harsh lines. The result is a curvier appearance. You can also consider off-the-shoulder necklines to make your shoulders appear broader, giving you the appearance of a smaller waist and more of an hourglass figure.


Once you clearly understand your body type, you won’t even have to spend so much time going to stores, yet you can simply order your favorite dresses online.