How to Design a Family Friendly Kitchen

The kitchen is now found to be one of the busiest rooms within the home and with so much happening it quickly becomes the family hub. As a result of this, you want your kitchen to be as accommodating to your family’s needs as possible, whether that’s having enough space, the right equipment and so on. You want your kitchen to be a space that the whole family can use and enjoy, with the right setup to see you through each day.

Introduce an Island

Kitchen islands are ideal for creating a central usable space within the kitchen. From additional worktop space, to an extra space for dining, a kitchen island is a great solution for utilising the central space within the kitchen. An island is also a great way of breaking up the kitchen slightly, offering separate zones to change the dynamic slightly. You can therefore create a space for cooking, a space for eating and a space for socialising, which is ideal within a family orientated kitchen space. It’s really easy to introduce a kitchen island into your home, especially when you use a local timber merchants like Milford’s or a DIY store such as B&Q to stock up on the essential pieces.

Keep it Spacious

Just like any other room in the home, when used by your family you need to have plenty of space so that everyone can do what they need to do without being cramped in and on top of each other. Space is essential within a family friendly kitchen, so it’s worth doing some planning and making sure each area has enough room for more than one person to use at a time. For example, make sure your dining table is large enough to fit everyone comfortably around, the kitchen island needs plenty of room to walk around and so on.

Family-Friendly Appliances

There are so many new and exciting gadgets and appliances now available for the kitchen, that all focus around family-friendly activity. Take the Samsung Smart Fridge for example, this appliance has a built-in Family Hub that enables you to control your fridge from your phone, as well as use apps and much more. Similarly, with appliances like the Amazon Echo and Google Home, you can stay organised, with your own mini assistants helping make busy family time much more manageable.

Make it Accessible

From a young age, you want your children to be able to get involved with household chores, helping tidy away the dishes, load the dishwasher and so on. With this in mind, your kitchen needs to be accessible, to an extent, for your whole family. From child locks on specific cupboards and drawers to keep nosey little ones out, to having certain items in reachable cupboards for your children to be able to reach, you need to think about the layout of your kitchen and make sure it’s easy to use for everyone in your family.

Personal Touches

Alongside all of the main layout and design features within your kitchen, there are also some personal aspects to take into consideration. In a family orientated home, you want lots of family photographs and memories to highlight your family life and enhance the cosy feel within your home. From photographs on the walls, to children’s artwork on the fridge, these simple touches are really effective and will help to create a warm and welcoming family-friendly feel within your kitchen.