How to Entertain Your Kids on a Tight Budget

Are you venting for a way you can keep your kids entertained during this half term? Worry not, because Halloween creativity is here to help you out. The season of Halloween is around the corner, but it is even tighter when Christmas is looming by. This article will help you make a budget-friendly holiday of Halloween during this half-term period. Currently, there are many events taking place, and you sure will not struggle for money. It will make your time worth spending with your kids or your whole family. If you are too busy with your studies, visit to spend more times with family.

Schedule a movie day for Halloween

It must be the most pocket-friendly tip on this list. All you need to do is grab your kids, pack up some snacks and drinks, and make yourselves comfortable on the sofa with a comforter and play a great Halloween movie or even more.

There are many options when it comes to watching movies. You can select pieces from your collection of DVDs, skim through your TV channels, browse Netflix or Amazon, and many more. You will feel the excitement oozing out your kids’ souls when you try this.

Take a walk in the woods.

If you are a lover of nature and would like to feel the chills of the woods, then this is your choice. When you see the weather is favorable for a walk, dress your children in some warm clothes and lead them to the spookiness of the forest. The walk will be an exercise for them, which will be a boost to their health, and it will also help you update your family album with the photos you will take through the forest. The children can collect pieces of wood, leaves, and other natural commodities that can help them learn some art and craft from home.

Manufacture inexpensive costumes

In your household, you probably have some old sheets that are not in use anymore. You could use that to create a Ghost costume. To make a witch, you could find some bins lying around and remake them. If you want to incorporate the Jack Skellington look on you, you could find an old t-shirt that can be either black or white. You do not need to strangle your budget buying Halloween costumes every year. Instead, find out how you can create your outfit. It will help you keep your children busy for long hours and bring out the creativity in them. To avoid dirtying the house, cover the household items with newspapers before beginning the paint job.


There are many benefits to taking your children on trick-or-treating. You will have an opportunity to walk out of the house for a few hours and provide your kids with the rare opportunity of showing off their newly made outfits and costumes. Another benefit is that you will save up on costs that you would have used in the oncoming weeks for treats. You can also keep some for yourself if naughtiness gets knitted inside you.

Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkins are cheap to buy, and you can spend some time carving them out with your family. Before setting out to start the process, decide on what and how you are going to do with them. Map out the designs you want and get to cutting. If you are an amateur in this, you can log in on YouTube and watch tons of videos there and get your skills in check.

The craft will help you spend time and help you learn how to get crafty. The insides of the pumpkins can make a great soup. You can also put up lights in the pumpkins to light up your home.

Bobbing apples

Take two apples and place them in a bowl of water. Play this game with both hands on your back. Place a towel down just in case the game gets messy. To make it more fun, set up a scoreboard so that the child who emerges as the winner has a prize or award. Get careful with the prizing, because naturally, children are competitors, and the losers could burst out crying when things go south. You can add different things to the bowl to make the experience more fascinating.