Things to Check When Looking For an Air Conditioner Contractor

An air conditioner is something that serves you for an exceptionally long time. Whether you want your 10year old air conditioner replaced or want to install an air conditioner in your new home, you need a well-qualified contractor experienced for the job. Since an air conditioner is not something you use today and tomorrow it’s not in use, you need the best technician to get value for your money. Therefore, you should not rush into just hiring anyone. Before anything else, invest your time in the search and consider the following things.


Consider the licensing of the air conditioner contracting company. Plus, it should be up to date. If a technician offers to fix your air conditioner, please ask to see their certification and an insurance cover for safety’s sake. Your air conditioner may be the most expensive item in your home, and you should only allow professionals with the proper training for handling air conditioners Tauranga to handle it. To be granted the operation license, a contractor must have at least five years of experience in the field, so it assures you that you are dealing with a trained person.


Secondly, consider the experience of the contractor. While spending a couple of years on the job doesn’t guarantee you that they are the best than the newest person, that means they are doing a good enough job to keep them in the market. On the other hand, hiring an amateur in the job not accompanied by an experienced person may leave you with an air conditioner not installed in the right way. So, choose a contractor with enough experience that will help you select a suitable air conditioner for your home and do a proper installation.


The right air conditioner contractor will do a home evaluation before recommending any air conditioner. They will look at the available space you have, the R-value of the insulation, how many windows your house has, the direction they face, among other things. The new air conditioner’s size should be determined by the calculations they make regarding cooling and heating loads. That way, they can determine what size and type of air conditioner will serve you well.  A professional contractor should give you a well-detailed document, including the estimates so that you can compare prices, energy efficiency, and warranties to determine an ideal air conditioner for your house. 

Check reviews

Online customer reviews are the right way of determining if a particular company is reputable or not. Customers always talk about good and poor services on the online review platform. If there are a couple of negative comments, reconsider the contractor. If customers are happy with their services, they are reputable. However, beware of fake reviews. If you have access to referrals, enquire how the contractor handled the job, if the results were good and if they met the set timelines. A competent air conditioner contractor can provide you with at least two sources with positive feedback where you can see reference.

Fair pricing

When having an air conditioner installation done, you do not want to overpay. Still, you do not want to pay so little that you compromise the efficiency of the work done. Find a technician that offers you fair pricing while promising to give you the best services.

Wrap up

When looking for an air conditioner contractor, consider their licensing, experience, reviews, home evaluation, and fair pricing.