How to Make Your Concrete Floor Shine

Although it often slips the mind during property planning and design, the floor is considered as a crucial element you must consider. In fact, it is the most prominent decorative element that stretches from room to room and serves as a canvas for the work of art that is your home.

From the classic hardwood to wall-to-wall carpeting, there are many types of flooring materials that offer the elegance that most homeowners look for. Unfortunately, people often become fixated on trying something new rather than making the most out of what they already have.

This is true for concrete flooring. In most cases, concrete is considered a sub-flooring material that serves as an anchor for carpet and vinyl tiles. However, you should understand that with proper care and use, concrete can be as decorative as the best carpets in the market.

In this article, you will learn how you can make your concrete flooring shine and bring exceptional beauty to your space. For more tips check out DG Institute.

3 Tips to Achieve a Shining Polished Concrete Floor

Concrete floors can be polished to achieve a beautiful luster that can enhance the beauty of any home. But no matter how durable they may be, concrete floors can still lose their gleam if not cared for the right way.

To maintain your concrete floor’s gleam, you may need to address a couple of issues that caused it to lose its luster in the first place. Below are three tips for doing just that:

Practice proper floor cleaning

When cleaning polished concrete floors, you’ll have to follow certain best practices to keep them in good shape.

For one, you’ll need to use the right cleaning tools to avoid scratching the polished surface of your floor. Use a microfiber mop and cement floor polish to get rid of grime and dirt that accumulate day in and day out. Work it on the floor’s surface gradually to remove the dingy layer, then proceed with polishing using a mop or polisher, depending on the instructions on the label.

For areas that get the most footfall and scuff marks, you might need to set aside the mop and put in a bit more elbow grease. Scrub off the flaws using a damp cloth sprinkled with about a quarter cup of baking soda. Then, proceed from the outer parts of the floor and work your way towards the middle.

Follow best practices in concrete finishing

Like cleaning, there are also certain dos and don’ts you must heed when it comes to concrete finishing.

Avoid using ammonia, bleach, and other abrasive cleaning agents. Vinegar, lemon, and all other acid-based cleaners are also a big no-no. The same goes for wire scrub brushes as they might scratch the concrete’s surface and leave unsightly marks.

Instead, use a mild vegetable-based soap product and warm water for periodic deep cleaning. If you find some problematic stains or dirt that has already settled in, you can get rid of them using any commercial cleaner except those mentioned above.

Perform floor repairs as needed

There will come a time when polished concrete flooring will show dips, dents, and chips. When this happens, you might need more than just a pass with a concrete smoother machine to deal with it.

To avoid any further damage, fill in any snaking cracks or divots with epoxy fillers as soon as they appear. For more extensive cracks, you can use epoxy with a hardener, then sand it to ensure the stability of the floor. Let it harden overnight or as recommended by the manufacturer.

4 Ways to Adorn Your Floor for That Lovely Shine

Decorative concrete flooring offers an elegant vibe to a room. However, polishing and cleaning the floor is not the only way you can make it shine.

Believe it or not, adding a couple of adornments can make your concrete floor stand out. Unconvinced? Here are four decorative elements you can include in your interior design to get that glow you’re looking for in your interiors:

Decorative rugs

Rugs function much like small carpets that dress up the floors and offer warmth and comfort. Although they are usually used in living rooms, bedrooms, and basements, they are gradually becoming a favorite choice for entryways as well.

There are plenty of shapes and sizes to choose from, and each has a specific use and appeal. For instance, if you decide to use a big rug, you must treat it as a piece of art. When shopping for one, picture the floor as its “frame.”

You can also use painter’s tape to trace out its size and shape on the floor. This could help you get a good image of what the space will look like if you decide to go with that particular piece.

Floor lamps

Unless you live with small children or pets that constantly run around the house, you could also consider decorating your floor with lamps. Not only do these provide illumination, but they also make for an excellent decorative piece for your floor.

You can place lamps in the corners of a room to let light reflect off the walls. Just remember to keep their cords secured away from pathways and high traffic areas to prevent accidents.


Bringing the outdoors inside is making a comeback in interior design. Aside from decorating floorspace, plants also offer plenty of benefits for human health, including getting rid of dust particles and carbon dioxide.

Below are some house plants you can try placing inside to adorn your floors:

  • Majesty Palm
  • Snake Plant
  • Ficus
  • Lucky Bamboo
  • Split Leaf Philodendron
  • Yucca

Cozy floor seating

Although the sofa remains as the center of attention for the living room, adding a couple of cozy floor seating options won’t hurt your interior design. When implemented correctly, this technique will not only offer additional seating but also positively highlight your pretty concrete floor.

From floor poufs to beanbags and large pillows, there is a wide variety of designs and styles you can choose from, so be sure to think it through first.

Make Your Floor Shine

There are many ways that concrete can surpass any other type of flooring material. With the right knowledge, you can make your decorative concrete floor shine in every sense of the word.


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