What to Look for When Buying Glass Shelves

The introduction of glass shelves in a house interior is transformative as it helps in making the space more attractive to the eye. The clear nature of glass gives the area a simple, classy, and sophisticated look. However, with precise consideration of the décor and the taste of the owner, the glass can be used to give the room a contemporary look. The versatile nature of the glass shelves complements the various other interior décor items and design of a house.

Glass shelves are mostly used in bathrooms, kitchens and in the living rooms. These three spaces are perfect for glass shelves as they help in creating the illusion of space through glass’s transparent nature and eliminate the need to use the large cupboards and wooden shelves. Also unlike the other materials used in making shelves, the see-through ability of glass allows one to make improvements on it that can add more detail to the room. A good example is fixing led lights under, or along the edges of the glass. This improves the aesthetic of the room by creating depth, especially if a contrast colored light is used.

Generally, shelving is an important part of home designing. Choosing glass shelves for your space should be done with a lot of consideration. Below are examples of what you should consider when buying glass shelves.

Recommended Glass Type

With a wide variety of glass types in the market, one is at least required to have some knowledge of how each and every glass is manufactured and the best place to use them. This will come in handy and help in making an informed decision on what type of glass would best be fit for a particular type of shelf. However, research has shown and proved that tempered glass is the best glass type for the different glass shelves. Tempered glass is generally considered because it is safer. Regular glass is known to break into sharp pieces when broken. This alone may put the family members or persons in the space in harm’s way as the pieces are likely to hurt them. Tempered glass at this instance is highly considered for when breaking they dismantle into pebble-like pieces that are not sharp. However, they cannot easily break due to their strong resistance to breakage.

Tempered glass is able to withstand high temperatures, unlike the normal glass which can easily shatter when overheated. This makes it efficient to be used in bathrooms as they are most likely to come into contact with hot water. Also, they are considered to be resistant to scratches and easy damage by external factors. This makes tempered glass cost-effective as it ensures that no replacements are done in the near future.

Tempered glass is considered to be versatile, in that it can be molded to fit different scenarios and can be conveniently used in different home designs. Their versatile nature is highly attributed to the various forms of designs and patterns in which it is available. It is available in clear, engraved, frosted and patterned forms.

Shapes and Sizes of Glass Shelves Depend on Where You Want to Install Them

Glass shelves as seen earlier can be fitted in different rooms in a household. They are, however, mainly installed in living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. The glass shelves for each room can be customized to suit its application. For example, glass bathroom shelves are usually thicker and heavier as they are likely to come into contact with hot water. Bathroom shelves are meant to withstand the high temperatures. A glass shelf in the living room, on the other hand, is made of tempered glass but is less thick.

However, the versatility of glass makes it convenient to be shaped into different shapes and sizes. A good example is on a flat surface, straight bars of glass can be attached to the wall and arranged in layers for a basic shelf. In corners, triangular and rectangular corner glass shelves can be easily installed.

Different Glass Shelve Designs

Depending on the taste and décor design of a room glass shelves can be customized to fit in perfectly without creating an imbalance in a space.

Different structures determine the positioning of the shelves. For example, corner glass shelves are only fitted in corners of a room. Corner glass shelves are famously known for saving space as they put the neglected corners into use. Depending on the taste and preference of the owner, one can choose between triangular or rectangular corner glass shelves.

Hanging glass shelf is a type of shelf that is suspended from the ceiling with ropes. This design is basically used in a small room as it puts into use a section of the free space. However, the difference they can design heavily depends on the taste and liking of the designer and owner of the space.

Diverse Uses of Glass Shelves

The shelf’s make and design also heavily depends on the kind of accessories you want to display on the shelves. They may include pictures and antiques for shelves at dining and living area and majorly utensils for shelves in kitchens. Generally, glass shelves that are meant to hold lighter accessories use the material that is not as strong as of shelves where heavy items are to be placed.