How to Pack Light for a Week Travel

More and more people are starting to realize the joys of traveling, taking more than just the typical yearly family trip to Disney or weekend getaway to the tropics. There are some airlines that allow passengers to bring a free carry-on or checked bag, making it easy for travelers to pack up and go.

However many airlines only allow one free personal item, making it necessary for people to get a bit creative with their packing methods. There are also instances in which it is more convenient to travel as lightly as possible. For example, someone who is traveling on a helicopter with Bekaa Air Brisbane or going backpacking through Europe may want to have as little luggage as possible. Continue reading if you want to become an expert at packing light!

First, you are going to want to jot down all of the activities you think that you may participate in during your travels. If you are flying from Brisbane to the Gold Coast to go to Sea World, for example, you may want to write down that you plan on going swimming. Once you are done writing down all of the possibilities, think about what types of clothing you are actually going to need. For a week-long trip, I suggest laying out around no more than four or five bottoms, four or five tops, seven pairs of socks and underwear, one jacket, and one pair of shoes that can go with everything. If any of your clothes need a little bit of freshening up, most hotels and resorts allow you to wash clothes on the property.

Make sure you put out any special articles of clothing you may need that are specific to your trip (i.e. a bathing suit, flip flops, etc.). After you have everything laid out, make sure that you can mix and match at least 7 cohesive outfits with what you have. If there is a super trendy top that you love, but only goes with one pair of pants, leave it! For makeup lovers, you are going to have to do the same thing again with your makeup and body products. Only bring one mascara, one eye-shadow palette, one body lotion, etc. From there, you can choose one or two accessories that go with everything that you have laid out. It may be tough, but it is necessary if you want to pack light!

Now that you have everything that you are going to bring, it’s time to actually pack it up. There are two life-saving tips that are guaranteed to help you fit more than you may have initially thought that you could into your bag. The first thing is to identify the bulkiest things on your packing list. The bulkier things tend to be jackets and bottoms. If you have something huge like a puffer jacket, consider wearing it onto the aircraft instead of packing it. If you are unable to wear the larger items on the journey to your destination, pack them first. It will be easier to fit the smaller items around them! Try to limit the number of bulky items that you bring on your trip to make things easier. Once the larger items are in, keep the process going by putting in things that are slightly smaller. Work your way down until you’ve got everything in.

The way that you pack things into your bag or suitcase is just as important as choosing what you pack. The rolling method will typically save you a ton of space. The rolling method involves simply rolling your clothing up instead of folding them and then stacking. All that you have to do to roll your clothes is lay the article out on a flat surface, fold it in half, and then roll from top to bottom. A quick YouTube search for “how to roll clothes” will show you more detailed examples on how to use this method.

Remember to write down your plans, lay out your options, and pack using a space-saving method. If you combine all of these tips, you are sure to be packing light in no time. How do you save space in your bag when traveling?

Posted by Matt McGrath

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