5 Types of an Extraordinary Party

Getting together with family and friends over a BBQ is a fun way to party, but many families or couples are looking for something that offers just a little more excitement. Additionally, if you are a small business or are part of a meetup wanting to organize an event, you are going to want something truly extraordinary for your employees or members, respectively. That said, you cannot simply haul everyone up in a helicopter and get them to parachute back to solid ground. Although that would be exciting, it is not quite fit for everyone.

Just as important is the fact that parties can sometimes be stressful. In this case, when you need something to wow your crowd in a way that truly satisfies and is fun for just about any personality, you are going to also need a central event capable of holding people’s attention as they break the ice, socialize, and begin to have fun.

1. Silent auction

This type of party will allow people to mingle and talk as they walk around the room, having fun perusing the showcased items. The best way to organize such a party is to first spend at least a month calling local businesses and getting discounts on items to be auctioned at your event. Doing so provides marketing for the business and allows you to obtain a variety of items at a discount. The best businesses to contact are startup businesses, which benefit most from exposure. Even if they do not have a product that fits your party, you can get them to sponsor your event, which pairs their name with your night of fun.

Another way to obtain items is to contact local or regional artists who would like increased exposure. Finally, you should budget a few hundred dollars to purchase a variety of products that you know your guests will love.

Of course, to make this work you should provide pre-printed price sheets that allow guests to write their bids as they browse the products.

Finally, because you do not really want to make your guests spend money, you should have your guests guess the approximate price of each item. At the end of the night, you can announce the guesses that came closest and distribute the gifts.

2. Beach party

Nothing says party more than a sandy beach and waves. However, it is important that you procure a tent or cabana capable of withstanding the wind, which can sometimes be brisk. Additionally, tins or buckets of ice filled with all your favorite beverages will keep people cool throughout the evening. For food, you can have it catered, or you can obtain local permits for fires or grilling.

Finally, you should rent plenty of reclining chairs that allow people to sit and relax in between games, such as volleyball or horseshoes. Of course, for this type of event, the right clothing is important. People will need flip flops for the sand. For games, women might need a sturdy bra, which can be obtained at an online sports bra store.

3. Casino night

Leaving a party with more money than you had going in is one of the best ways to end the night. That said, it is likely more fun to be able to play games, drink, and socialize while you are on your way to fame and fortune. Some of the games and activities could include the following.

  • poker
  • roulette
  • blackjack

Casino Party is perfect for just about any private event, and because of the venue, you can accommodate just about any size of group imaginable. Moreover, casino night is a good way to conduct fundraising for a charity or hold morale-boosting events for corporations wanting to support their front-line managers and employees. For even more fun, small businesses can put their own brand on funny money, which can be used for bets. In terms of overall fun, a night or afternoon at the casino ranks as one of the most fun experiences for any guest of any age.

4. Food festival

Food festivals are fun because food is delicious. For this type of extravaganza, it is best to contact as many local restaurants as possible and discuss marketing their food for your upcoming event. Doing so will allow you to procure a variety of dishes for free or at a discount. That said, some dishes will not be available for donation, so you will want to set aside enough of a budget to buy the best foods for your party.

Of course, having a sufficient selection of entrees is important. However, you should always leave room for desserts and appetizers because any type of finger food will be popular. To ensure this type of party is a hit, you can also opt for a cash bar or open bar.

5. Virtual reality

Sometimes technology can be exactly what you require to escape for an evening. Parties centering around virtual reality are popular as they involve a variety of experiences and games. For instance, touring virtual wastelands or haunted houses can be fun for both the participant and viewers. Additionally, games can be used for virtual tournaments.

To make this as much fun as possible, you can rent at least two units, which will allow people to compete with one another. You will also need a manual scoreboard, which will allow you to track performances and distribute prizes. Finally, for people in the audience, you should use Chromecast to stream the virtual experience directly to a large-screen television. Streaming to a television is especially fun during haunted-house experiences as the participant shrieks in front of everyone in not-so-virtual terror.

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