8 Tips on Buying Accessories for a Jet Ski

Riding full throttle on a jet ski can be one of the most exhilarating experiences of your adult lifetime. That said, to remain comfortable and safe, you will need a few critical supplies in case of a spill or in case you simply need a bite to eat.

1. Life jacket

In addition to being required by law, a life jacket might actually save your life. For instance, if you take a hard spill off your jet ski, you could be seriously injured or even knocked unconscious. A life jacket is of utmost importance in this type of situation as it will keep you afloat until help arrives.

However, not all life jackets are the same. As such, it is important that you choose one that fits correctly. For example, a life jacket that is too small for you will not have the required buoyancy to keep you afloat. Conversely, one that is too big increases the likelihood that you could slide out of it and into the water. Additionally, a life jacket that is too big can actually push your head below the water.

When choosing a life jacket, you should be sure to pick one that is designed for your height and weight. Additionally, when trying it on, you should raise your hands over your head, and have someone gently pull up on the tops of the arm openings to ensure that the jacket does not slide over your chin or face.

2. Whistle

It is extremely important for any jet skier to have the ability to gain the attention of other boaters in an emergency situation. As such, most states require jet skiers to carry a whistle.

To ensure you never jet ski without one, you should attach a whistle to every life jacket you own. It is also a good idea to choose brightly colored whistles as they are easy to see in murky water and grab in an emergency.

3. Phone case

Getting your phone sprayed by water will ruin your day. Consequently, it is important you invest in a waterproof case. To ensure a tight fit, a universal case will typically hold any smartphone. Some will even hold wallets or other items that should not get wet.

4. Telescopic paddle

If you have ever broken down far from the shore, you know the frustration of having to wait for help. Therefore, having a telescoping paddle is a must-have accessory. Additionally, they are collapsible, so they are easy to store out of the way until needed.

Some things to look for when choosing one include the following.

  • lightweight
  • floats
  • easy to expand and retract
  • resists corrosion

5. Water

Succumbing to dehydration while out on the water is a serious possibility. Therefore, it is important to remain hydrated throughout the day. If your jet ski does not have room for a cooler, you should consider investing in a hydration backpack. A hydration backpack can hold water and will have a small tube that feeds to your mouth, allowing you to take a sip whenever you want. For this type of backpack, you should purchase one with an adequate reservoir and one with a long sipping tube.

6. Speakers

Listening to your favorite tunes while zooming across the water is a perfect addition to a perfect jet-skiing day. When considering what speakers to bring with you, you should be sure to look for ones that are waterproof and provide a long battery life.

7. Dry bag

Because the waterproof storage options on a jet ski can be limited, it is a good idea to consider getting a dry bag. A dry bag is designed to keep your items protected from the elements. At a minimum, your dry bag should be able to hold a flashlight, pliers, and a screwdriver for repairs.

Additionally, you can also store a protein bar in case you get hungry, and you will obviously need a place to store some sunscreen. Finally, regardless of what you store in your bag, you should look for one that floats and is brightly colored.

8. Solar battery charger

Because you do not ride your jet ski every day, the battery loses its juice over time, making a solar battery charger one of the best accessories for jet skis. For instance, a solar charger is designed to slowly charge as well as maintain the battery. However, you should be sure to limit the charger to five watts as anything higher may result in a damaged battery.

Posted by Lisa Eclesworth

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