Your Complete Guide to the “Minimalist-Maximalist” Design Aesthetic

Tired of pairing all your belongings down to just a few items in neutral colors? Minimalism has its place in design, but homeowners and designers alike are pushing back against what they perceive to be a too-limited palette. Here comes the minimalist-maximalist design aesthetic to the rescue. It’s the perfect combination of two seemingly opposed concepts in Malibu interior design.

Five Steps To Achieving Your New Home Design

Maximalist design ideas include the following:

  • Big swaths of bold color
  • Modernist elements
  • Large patterns used judiciously
  • Texture
  • Repetition of motifs

There are some relatively quick and easy ways you can incorporate these concepts into your daily living spaces. You can try these on your own, or you can always contact Santa Barbara interior designers for assistance.

1. Go Big or Go Home

Add a large piece of art to your room, preferably abstract. You can purchase a framed print or install a wall mural. It should have bright colors and bold shapes. If you don’t care for abstract artwork, a modern landscape or portrait can work equally well. It’s all about creating positive energy when you walk into the room.

2. Let Your True Colors Shine Through

Minimalism was all about neutral tones. Go ahead and keep the neutral tones on the walls, if you wish, but punch it up with furniture, carpets, and accent pieces in bold colors. Bright throw pillows on the sofa are a great idea as they are easy to change out when you’re ready for something new. Of course, if you’ve chosen a large painting as mentioned above, you may want to pull your colors from the artwork.

3. Strut Your Stuff

Don’t put your collections away. Put them out for all to enjoy. Choose a dedicated area, such as a shelf or side table, where you can display all the items that are the same. For example, have a spot in the kitchen for your historic cookbook collection. This gives everyone a wonderful, colorful eyeful of your favorite things all in one shot. Dispersing collections throughout the living space often make it feel more cluttered. A kitchen remodel designer can give you more ideas for making the space personal.

4. Make New Friends, but Keep the Old

You want your home to be a mix of the old and the new. Put Grandma’s china cabinet next to the Barcelona chair. That gives a timeless style that will never feel dated. Bold contemporary pieces also help break up the cluttered, stuffy feeling that antique furniture can sometimes engender. Trust your instincts in finding a combination that is clean and lively, opening up your living space.

5. Keep the Soul

Let your rooms reflect you. Fill them with objects you care about. Choose colors you love. Your living space should be meaningful to you. However, don’t get too attached to anything. Be willing to pare down and cut where necessary. Look critically at your spaces, noting what looks messy or hyper-designed. Don’t spread maximalist design to every corner. Find balance in your home.