How to Style Letterman Jacket

Style and fashion generally tend to repeat over time. Thus, the letterman jackets are back in the market and are being embraced not only for college students but also by the common people and a number of celebrities. There are a variety of traditional and modern style letterman jackets available in the market today, and many students are even taking it as their paper writing project these days. Letterman jackets come in different types of materials, such as silk, suede, leather, etc.

In this article, we would guide you about different ways to style letterman jackets and ideas on how to style your letterman jacket to wear on campus or on a late afternoon. Just go through these different styles and decide which one suits you the best.

Preppy Letterman Jacket Style

The preppy look is a classic styling option for your letterman jacket look. A classic letterman jacket has some unique points, such as leather sleeves with a contrast cuff and waistband. You can go for a bright color for the typical college look that makes you stand out from others. You can complete this look with classic chinos. Alternatively, you can go for colored trousers, especially a tonal color such as blue.

2. Sporty Letterman Jacket Style

The best way to style a letterman jacket is to go for a sporty look. This also adds a casual vibe to your dressing, especially if you want to wear it regularly. The casual look features a strong silhouette in general. The jackets come in different colors, and you can choose the color that suits you best according to your personal sense of style.

This look is especially best for joggers as it keeps the outfit quite casual while maintaining style and comfort. This look should mostly be kept simple, and it is best to not go for bold colors. In case you go for a bright letterman, the top should be kept simple, whereas any colored top would go with a dark letterman jacket.

3. Modern Street Style

In case you are looking for just a sporty look, you can go for an edgy and urban look with which you can either dress up or just leave it casual. In case you want a cool urban look, go for a simple letterman jacket. For such a look, black is generally the most favored color option as it gives the much-required urban vide to your outfit. In addition to the black letterman, you can wear a white shirt to enhance the dark color of your letterman jacket.

4. Casual Style

All of us love that jacket that we can simply grab and put on while heading out anywhere. Since letterman jackets can easily go with any outfit, they are ideal for use and styling. They can be thrown on easily with a casual top and a pair of jeans. Dark colors are mostly favored for such styling. The best color choices for casual style letterman jacket is dark burgundy or navy.

To conclude, letterman jackets are more than 150 years old. However, they have never really gone out of style. With these different styles of wearing a letterman jacket, you are sure to look stylish and fashionable.