Keep Your Landscape Looking Tidy with Effective Weed Control Services

Weeds have a way of creeping onto even well-maintained lawns and spreading like wildfire. What starts off as a tiny patch of weeds at the corner of your yard can turn into a full-on infestation. The trick to keeping your lawn looking nice and clean and avoiding excess yard work tasks is to invest in high-quality weed control services or to spend time handling weed issues yourself. There are loads of techniques available for managing weeds, and without expert help, it can be difficult deciding what you should do about weeds that you find on your property that is why West Hills Masonry are there to help you out. Below we’re going to go over some of those weed removal techniques, look at maintenance services and other ways that you can handle weeds that continue to threaten your lawn.

Remove the Weeds Manually

The most straightforward way to deal with weeds is to manually pull them and separate them from the rest of your yard. Be careful to take them far enough away from your lawn that they can’t repopulate the space by sending their seeds through the air. If you are diligent about taking care of these stray weeds you can often prevent too many issues with weeds for at least a time.

Install Weed Barriers

One way that you can protect your yard against pesky weeds is to install a weed barrier over portions of your yard. This is most commonly done around shrubs and other plants you put in when you don’t want weeds growing up around them. Adding a landscape fabric around these plants prevents weeds from getting the light that they need to grow. These fabrics are easy to install, but they won’t work on your lawn itself because they would kill your lawn as well as the weeds. That’s why when you want to treat these areas you have to resort to chemicals or manually removing the weeds as they pop up. Either way isn’t as simple as just laying down the landscape fabric one time and protecting against weeds for months.

Treat Your Yard Against Weeds

If you’re struggling with weed infestations the most effective way to deal with the issue is with a weed spray or weed treatment. You have to choose the product you use carefully to avoid doing damage to your lawn itself, and if you choose the wrong product or you apply it improperly you could end up killing off portions of your lawn anyway. That’s why it pays to hire professionals to handle weed problems in your yard. With seasoned experts working on your lawn you can deal with the problem faster and end up with a lawn that’s neat and fully free of weeds.

Get a Fungicide Treatment as Well

Along with getting a weed treatment to clean up your lawn, you can also benefit by applying a fungicide to your yard if you have any issues with root or crown rot in your yard. There are several soil-based fungi that do serious damage to yards if left untreated. If you know what to look for you can treat your lawn when you spot the sides of a fungal invasion, otherwise, you should have an expert come and look at your lawn.

Ask the Experts

If you aren’t sure about what chemicals you should be used to treat the weeds that plague your lawn, consider talking with a lawn care service about what you should be using. You can often hire experts to come in and take care of your weeds and in the process learn more about handling these pesky plants for your own personal knowledge as well. Keep what you learn and make the most of it to protect your lawn over time.

Get Expert Help to Remove Pests without Damaging Your Lawn

There are loads of chemical-based products on the market that do a good job of removing weeds from your lawn. The problem is that many of these products will also damage your lawn in the process of killing off those pesky weeds. If you aren’t sure how to apply the right herbicides and weed removal products to your lawn without harming it you should consider hiring professionals like our team at King Green Lawn Care to treat your lawn against weeds. Our team has decades of experience removing weeds and we are constantly testing out new products so we know what works well and which products you should skip over when trying to treat your lawn effectively.