Protect Assets and Complete Major Business Moves Effectively with Help

There comes a time in the life of every business when it’s necessary to change locations. This is a major undertaking for mid-sized to large companies though, and something that shouldn’t be left up to the current pool of employees. If your business needs to change venues you need to invest in a reliable commercial moving company to help you get through all phases of the move efficiently and safely. By working with professionals you can change locations faster while ensuring that your assets are protected throughout the entire process.

Plan out the Move Carefully

Start out the moving process by deciding which parts of your organization should be moved first and how you’re going to handle shuffling around your staff so they can continue working and there is minimal downtime in your company. Major commercial moves can’t be completed in a single day, and you will have to plan the move carefully for the most cost-effective outcome. By working with a commercial moving company you will have access to proven project managers that can help you create moving milestones that keep the whole move organized and ensure that it happens as efficiently as possible.

Move Your Equipment and Furniture Efficiently

While it’s tempting to gather up some of your staff to move around furniture, this is an inefficient way to take care of the job. It’s much faster and easier to hire experienced movers like our staff at Big T Moving & Delivery to handle all the heavy items at your company. We have the equipment to move all your furniture safely and quickly and our team can get everything loaded up and moved faster than untrained employees would be able to. Don’t sacrifice employee hours to an inefficient move when you can accomplish the same task in much less time with well-equipped moving pros.

Safeguard Your Assets During this Major Move

One of the key priorities of any business during a major move is to protect all the major assets from major damage. That means keeping the furniture from getting scuffed, scratched or damaged in any way. It means protecting electronic equipment during transfer and it means keeping every other expensive piece of equipment you have safe. This is best left up to the pros that understand how to transfer valuables with care. Use movers that rely on moving blankets, moving carts, dollys and other tools to carefully move your valuables as safe as possible and protect valuable company assets as they’re moved to your new location. Professional moving companies are also covered by insurance that will back any equipment you have just in case something does get damaged during the move, so you’re protected no matter what.

Keep Your Employees Focused

The easiest way to hurt employee productivity and to slow down operations at your company is to get workers involved with a large-scale move. Try to keep them away from the move as much as possible and keep them focused on the jobs they are trained to do. This is the only way to keep everything running smoothly and to avoid major slowdowns or dips in productivity.

Save Money

It might not seem like it when you get the quote for your moving costs, but hiring professional movers is a powerful cost-saving move in most instances for large businesses. That’s because professional movers can get the job done faster than standard employees, they come insured and will protect your assets reliably and will help ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible. After you consider the costs of equipment rentals and the moving supplies you would need to purchase to handle the job yourself, hiring a moving company becomes even more affordable to do.

Get the Large-Scale Help You Need for a Fast Move

Most commercial businesses just don’t have the manpower to carry out a large-scale move reliably or quickly. That’s why it’s best to hire a professional moving company with commercial experience and the manpower to get everything transferred as fast as possible. Every day that you’re moving your office to the new location you are losing out on work time and losing money. Getting pros in to do the work faster is an excellent investment when you consider that fact.

Set up Your Commercial Move Today

If you know when you need to get your office moved, talk with a commercial mover today for help. Work with our team to plan out your entire move and to make sure you know what’s going to happen during every phase of the transfer. We have associates waiting to talk with you about your upcoming task and to help you through this complex process. Nobody wants to go through a large-scale move. Make sure that you don’t waste time or money on your next move unnecessarily.