Living in the Myrtle Beach Area: How to Become a Local

Myrtle Beach is a popular summertime destination for tourists from all over the United States and other countries. Locals and tourists enjoy the areas’ water parks, fantastic lights, and seemingly endless food options, guaranteeing that they will never go hungry due to lack of variety.

But the secret is that the perfect time to visit Myrtle Beach is not in the summer, it’s in the fall season. It’s because the crowds subside, and everyone goes back to their normal lives. Whether it is dealing with a foreclosure Myrtle Beach residents might be going through or going back to the regular 9-to-5, the adults are working, the youths are at school, and the air and surroundings are just perfect. That is exactly the best time to experience Myrtle Beach.

From going off the beaten tourist path and checking out the hidden gems in town, to immersing yourself in local cuisine, here’s a simple guide to exploring the fantastic Myrtle Beach like a local.

Check Out the Local Real Estate Scene

Do you really want to live like a local in Myrtle Beach? Your best bet is to tour a few homes in the area and get a deeper understanding of the area’s quality of life. From being able to have a general knowledge of the residential architecture, housing costs, incidents of foreclosure Myrtle Beach residents might notice to realizing comfy amenities, you can’t go wrong with a little real estate tour.

Keep in mind that real estate tours help you interact with local people professionally and enable you to get a deeper feel for the area. Who knows? You might fall in love with an opportunistic foreclosure Myrtle Beach deal and buy it for rent or as a cozy vacation home.

Additionally, while you are there, be sure to check out the historic district to see a different part of the culture present in the Myrtle Beach area.

Indulge in the Local Arts and Culture

A true local will frequent the arts scene regularly. The Brookgreen Gardens is truly a phenomenal experience that can inspire and give you a sense of peace. From its over 8,000 acres of lush green scenery to various compelling sculptures, it serves as one of the country’s most extensive gardens.

Unleash your inner art connoisseur by taking in over 1,500 artworks present indoors and outdoors. Locals also appreciate the fact that the botanical gardens receive continuous maintenance that looks exquisite. But there’s much more to the Brookgreen Gardens. It also houses a superb zoo with regular concerts and activities for locals to enjoy.

Visit this location to get four experiences in one place, botanical gardens, American sculpture, Low-country history, and even a zoo. What more could you ask for?

If you are still on an art trend and prefer a more comfortable climate-controlled experience, be sure to view the Franklin G. Burroughs and Simeon B. Chapin Art Museum. The Art Museum is perfect as you can meet new local artists and gain different perspectives by indulging in local rich culture.

The most compelling point about visiting the Franklin G. Burroughs – Simeon B. Chapin Art Museum is that it is very light on your wallet, you can get in for free any time that it is open. That means you can take advantage of the various dynamic galleries that include video, sculpture, and ceramics among several other categories, and all of it for free.

La Belle Amie Vineyard

If you find yourself a wine lover, the Myrtle Beach area has quite a bit to get your vino appetite. La Belle Amie Vineyard, located in the enchanting Little River area enables you to indulge in genuine regional flavor. Locals appreciate the wine establishment due to its many offerings through its tasting room.

Remember to stop by on Tuesday through Friday to have fun, meet a few people, and participate in the many events that these proprietors are known to host. From compelling live music performances to bonfire events, you’ll be happy you made it a to-do on your Myrtle Beach bucket list.

Vereen Memorial Gardens

You do not want to head out the Myrtle Beach area and miss out on the natural wonder that is the Vereen Memorial Gardens. Found in Little River, the Vereen Memorial Gardens is a natural treasure to behold.

The gardens host over 100 acres of lush and beautiful fauna and flora in a marshland and forest setting. It blends with engineering feats such as the Intracoastal Waterway. While most of these acres are off limits, you can still keep yourself busy by walking the over 2 miles of nature trails that intertwine the gardens and general wildlife sanctuaries.

If you are feeling like you need to take a break from nature and interact with more humans, you can hop on over to the C.B. Berry Community Center and get involved in sports and other activities present at the location. Although, the truth is that you may be tired after meandering about on the trails and enjoying the gardens.

EdVenture Myrtle Beach

If you are traveling with the family for vacation, you will want to add this fun place to your agenda. Many people don’t know about this family friendly museum and eschew it for other attractions. But the fact is that the  EdVenture Museum is a local treasure.

The museum consists of over 2,500 square feet of fun, learning, discovery, and adventure. Children get to explore space missions while interacting with spaceship buildout, work on their inner artist in a designated area space, and learn how to fly within a simulated environment. Your children will remember the activities present in the EdVenture Museum for years to come as they explore, learn, and grow through play.

Exquisite Dining

Don’t miss out on the fresh, healthy, and delicious dining establishments in the local area. Locals relish their times at the Ocean Annie’s Beach Bar establishment that serves up fantastic experiences and phenomenal food. From fresh live music to a pool, and fantastic ocean sights, this is one restaurant that has pleased locals for several years. Remember to try their compelling burgers and their adult beverages for a wonderful lunch or dinner experience.