What to Look for in a Wedding DJ

When you’re planning your wedding, the music you select will be one of the most important aspects of your day. No matter what genres you’re into, a great wedding DJ has the potential to transform your special day into something truly spectacular. With this in mind, take a look at the key things to look for when you’re choosing a wedding DJ…

1. Reviews and Recommendations

First and foremost, you need your wedding vendors to be reliable. Inexperienced or undependable wedding suppliers will lead to stress on the big day and in the run up to your wedding. You can avoid this by thoroughly vetting everyone before you hire them.

Online reviews and testimonials are always worth reading, so do take the time to check them out. However, a bit of extra research can go a long way to calming your nerves and reassuring you that you’ve made the right choice. When searching for a great wedding DJ Horsham, ask if any previous clients are willing to share their details. If previous couples have been impressed with their services, they’ll be only too happy to talk to you.

2. Professional Equipment

Being a professional DJ means having professional-grade equipment. These days, it’s easy for people to set themselves up as a DJ with little more than a laptop and a pair of speakers. Fortunately, the realities of the industry mean that these people don’t tend to be in business for long.

Talk to prospective DJs about the equipment they use and whether all of their gear will be available on the day. Furthermore, check whether they have backup equipment on hand, just in case something goes wrong. A professional DJ will never leave anything to chance, so learning more about their contingency plans will give you an insight into how well they work under pressure. It might be good to ask if they also have party lights. If they don’t, you can rent one or get a set. There is a guide on MusicCritic if you are interested in the latter.

3. Extras and Add-ons

When you first start planning your wedding, you’ll probably assume that your DJ will be playing a setlist and co-ordinating the lights.

However, there are many extra services that can add a special touch to your day. Why not have bubbles released during your first dance?

Create ambience with scented fog or opt for candid party snaps to ensure every moment is captured?

Not every DJ offers these services, so you could be missing out if you fail to ask in advance. When you’re interviewing potential DJs, check what add-ons are available and factor them into your wedding package.

4. Experience and Expertise

No matter how well planned they are, weddings can be tricky events. Whether you’re hosting an intimate celebration or a full-scale party, you’ll want a DJ who can connect with the audience and create the atmosphere you’ve always dreamed of.

This kind of talent is honed with experience. By hiring a DJ who has worked in the industry for a relatively long period of time, you can be confident that they’ll be able to handle anything that’s thrown at them. What’s more – they’ll have the confidence and charisma to get the party started.

5. Playlists and Set Lists

One of the most important things to consider when hiring a wedding DJ is, of course, the music. Don’t assume that your DJ will have an endless playlist or that they’re guaranteed to have your favourite tracks on standby. While a good DJ should have a wide range of music, it’s always useful to confirm what music they have available in advance.

If you’re a fan of an obscure band or a less well-known artist, let them know in advance so that they can track the music down.

Similarly, if you want any pre-recorded songs or instrumental tracks played on your big day, be sure to give them to your DJ in their preferred format well before the big day.

Finding the Right Wedding DJ

Finding the perfect DJ for your wedding can take time, so don’t be tempted to hire the first person you come across. You’ll want to make sure that you and your partner get on well with your DJ and are confident that they can enhance your special day.

Look out for DJs who offer a pre-wedding planning meeting. This is a great opportunity for you to discuss your requirements in more detail and will give your DJ the chance to get to know you. By starting your search early, interviewing a range of DJs and planning the music ahead of time, you’re sure to find the perfect DJ for your big day.