Looking After Your Dog – a Simple Guide

This blog post is a simple guide to looking after your dog and how you can make their life easier. From the basics of feeding, grooming, and caring for your dog, this article will help you with all aspects of what it takes to look after them.

Get the right food 

The food that you feed your dog is important and getting it wrong can cause all sorts of health problems. Make sure the food is suitable for their age and weight. A good rule of thumb when buying from a pet store or supermarket is to buy from a brand with the most recognized name you can afford. Don’t be afraid to ask in-store for products made by their in-house brand or by manufacturers that they trust to sell in their store. For the best results, look at brands with a good reputation, and don’t be afraid to spend a little extra on something that is better quality than cheaper options. 

Get the right equipment

You can’t take your dog to the vet every time they need a bit of care, so it’s important to have some basic equipment at home. A few items you’ll want to invest in are:

  •          Towels – these will be useful for wiping their paws after they come inside from playing outside.
  •          Simple first aid kit – you can get one of these from a pharmacy, and it will be useful if your dog gets injured, or if you need to take care of something like an insect bite. It’s also good to have some painkillers in there too just in case.
  •          Toothbrush & toothpaste – your dog’s teeth are important and getting them cleaned once a week with a good paste will make sure they stay white and healthy.
  •          Shampoo – most dogs love water, but you need to be careful with it. They can get fungal infections if their fur is left wet for too long, so keep this in mind when you’re bathing them.
  •          Hair clippers – having clippers will make keeping their coat clean and tidy much easier. You can usually use these while they are eating or sleeping to avoid causing them any trouble.

Get your home ready 

A new dog isn’t like a piece of furniture that you can just put in your living room and forget about. They’ll need somewhere to sleep, eat, and play. It’s also important to keep their environment clean, so they don’t get sick or spread germs through the house. You have to understand what fabrics are pet friendly and what items in your house need moving or replacing before they arrive. If you have any dogs already at home, there are some things that need to be done before they arrive so you can avoid problems with territorial issues.

Get ready for the responsibility 

Before you go to the pet store or shelter with your credit card in hand, make sure you are really ready for this kind of commitment. Some people might say that pets are like children, but they don’t require as much attention. They can be left alone for longer periods of time and aren’t as demanding when it comes to daily tasks.