Unique Dining Table Ideas to enhance your Restaurant’s Interior Space

If you seek to breathe life into your dining room and give it a distinctly stylish look, then the color and ultimate design of your restaurant furniture will matter a lot. The right dining table, in particular, will not only improve the aesthetics of your diner but also make it way more spacious. When it comes to furniture, restaurant tables need a different level of attention when designing a restaurant’s interior.

After all, tables will host you patrons. It will be on those tables that your customers sit, eat and talk with their friends, family and colleagues. As such, you want these tables to look like a million bucks always. You also want them to lend a unique style to your restaurant, one that sets you apart from your competitors.

So as 2021 comes to a close, we decided to list down the trendiest restaurant table ideas that have more or less become a staple of the hospitality industry.

So without much further ado, let’s look at a few unique dining table ideas that you can adopt to transform the ambiance of your restaurant.

Trending Restaurant Table Ideas

1 – Industrial Tables

Industrial style tables are extremely popular now a days because of their modern factory-like design and durable nature. These are ideal options if you want to create a more futuristic ambiance within your restaurant. Industrial tables with wooden top joined by a metal base works perfectly in an open area.

2 – Rustic Tables

You can go with a rustic style that emulates the more natural look of tables that are often found in cabins and cottages. A rectangular framed table top with wooden chairs surrounding it will lend your restaurant a more earthly look, if that is what you are going for.

3 – Glass Tables

Glass Table tops are widely used in restaurants because they are stylish and blend well with any type of wall art or paint. They are also very easy to clean. If you are going for glass tables, we recommend going with the safer tempered glass option.

4 – Laminate Tables

Laminate tables have quickly become a staple of most restaurant and pubs around the globe. These tables come with many layers to handle any capacity. Their bases are usually made from steel. As such, they are known for their exceptional longevity.

5 – Marble Tables

You want something more unique and artistic, we recommend trying marble tables. These tabletops can be molded into any shape. They are also extremely durable. Since marble is naturally white, we also suggest decorating your tables with colorful beads and other material to enhance its visual appeal.

6 – Oval Tables

Oval Tables are ideal for family diners. Oval tables can accommodate large groups of people with 7-8 chairs placed all around them. These tables come is a wide variety of bases, the most prominent of which would be the broad or narrow base.

7 – Square Tables

Simple square tables are still the beating heart of many restaurants worldwide. They look elegant while offering enough space for diner’s to feast inside a restaurant. Any type of chair works perfectly with such kind of tables. If nothing else seems to work for you, we recommend going for the traditional square tables.