Modern doors: the latest trends

Description: Essential and minimalist, modern Italian doors are a tribute to cleanliness and a pure form. Here are the latest trends.

A symbol of passage, opening, a limit which is imposed but which can be crossed, the door is an extraordinary furnishing element which connects and separates, enlarges and encloses, always subtly creating intimate environments and defined spaces.

Italian interior modern doors combine essential lines with cutting-edge materials to blend into the environment with the utmost elegance and ease, becoming authentic furnishing elements with an innovative and contemporary spirit.

Available in a wide range of types and finishes, the most up-to-date doors dialogue with domestic spaces, creating new harmonious relationships, playing on contrasts, or integrating mimetically into the surrounding context.

All this to generate interesting and personalised solutions, in homage to an ethereal and refined style that embodies a deep Italian sense of love for beauty.

Contemporary lines and designs

Contemporary Italian doors favour a pure and rarefied design in which taste and style speak a language with a clear minimalist imprint.

The latest trends impose frames that are absent or barely noticeable and extremely clean-cut shapes that enhance, more than anything else, the very substance of the materials used.

Models, sizes and finishes are available in many different solutions, ranging from sliding doors to hinged doors, with or without frames.

The latest trends for 2021 emphasise certain key elements that are recognised and considered in every area of interior design: ergonomics, environmental sustainability, functionality, comfort and elegance.

Particularly slender door models are becoming more and more popular in very modern, high-impact contexts, which visually increase the height of the room almost from the ceiling and create extraordinary contrasting surface relationships with the walls.

Glass and steel partitions are also highly sought after: they maintain the feeling of openness and volume of the rooms without visually reducing the space, but at the same time they divide up the different areas ensuring insulation and functional partitions.

Last generation materials

Wood, glass and aluminium are some of the materials that characterise modern doors.

Surfaces with different tactile and visual textures play a leading role in the choice of interior design.

Wood offers a surprising variety of colours and shades, from the white of oak to the honey of walnut, from the brown of Tanganyika to the grey of rosewood.

Thanks to its warmth, wood furnishes any room with its very presence. It can also be treated with many different finishes, from matt or glossy lacquers to natural treatments that bring out all the horizontal and vertical grain.

Glass and steel lend themselves perfectly to being integrated into the most modern and contemporary environments, providing a modern and luminous accent.

There are countless finishes. In the case of steel, you can opt for any colour, from milk white to total black; for glass, you can choose between mirror and matt finishes, including etched, satin, reflex and transparent.

For every environment, in short, it is possible to choose the perfect contemporary door, capable of expressing one’s own taste and style in a completely unique and personalised way.