More about Beautiful Maui and Some of The Most Popular Beaches

The island of Maui has lured many people due to its healing energy from as early as the 1960’s and, in modern times many Hollywood stars and Internet millionaires prefer this place to rejuvenate and relax at the five-star spas. Due to the luscious green scenery with its wind-rustled palm trees, great snorkeling spots above the reefs, schools of tropical fish and sea turtles and the turquoise waters, Maui remains a sought-after destination for many. Maui offers a place where visitors can escape, unwind, relax and numerous places to explore, irrespective of the times they’ve visited.

Best Time Of The Year To Visit

Winter and Summer are generally the more popular times for visiting Maui, however, during May and October you’ll experience exceptional weather, but without the crowds that normally visit during high season.

Transportation In Maui

While most prefer strolling down the beach, many visitors need a vehicle for exploring. Some places, such as the Road to Hana, offer guided tours via shuttle bus, or you can travel with the Maui bus that usually charger two dollars per ride.

Worth Knowing Before Your Visit

The tradewinds are typically a lot stronger during the afternoons, especially in Summertime. Rather book water sports like paddle boarding and snorkeling before eleven in the morning. There are numerous places that offer Maui baby rentals, snorkeling gear rentals, camping and fishing rentals, etc.


Type B three-prong plugs or type A two-prong plugs.


The currency is US dollar.

8 Popular Beaches To Visit In Maui

  • Kaanapali Beach

Kaanapali Beach is highly favored due to its proximity to hotels and resorts. Tourists often flock to Kaanapali with its three-mile radius of white beach. If you hang around until evening, you can view the cliff-jumping ceremony at sunset.

  • Hanakaoó

This beach is adjoined to Kaanapali with the same white sands but offer more privacy.

  • Hamoa Beach

One of the most preferred beaches for snorkeling. This sheltered beach with its calm waters and palm trees and salt-and-pepper sands are enjoyed by many. The sands are a mix of white coral and lava rock which makes it unique.

  • Olawalu Beach

Olawalu Beach is an excellent space to get closer to wildlife and has one of Maui’s healthiest reefs where you can experience a varied array of marine life. You might even spot a few turtles on the sand.

  • Kahekili Beach

Kahekili beach is the best place to enjoy the sunset. Since it faces West, you have an ideal vantage point to admire the sun disappearing into the water. This beach is longer than a mile, therefore if you enjoy long walks on the beach with a perfect sunset, then this beach is a must visited attraction.

  • Maluaka Beach

A well favored beach for water sport enthusiasts. You can paddleboard, snorkel and engage in some kayaking to your heart’s content with a view of sea turtles on the beach.

  • Wai’anapanapa State Park

The infamous black sand beach of Maui has several modes of exploration, including jumping from the cliffs, swimming in the ocean and explore freshwater caves.

  • Napili Bay

Napili Bay are one of those hidden gems in Maui. The waters are silky smooth in the morning which provides ideal snorkeling conditions.