More Than A Haircut: 5 Reasons Men Prefer Barbershops

Do you constantly find yourself feeling unsatisfied after getting a haircut? Perhaps you might start blaming it on the person who trimmed your hair. But have you considered analyzing if you went to the wrong place for a haircut? Some of you probably think that women are more meticulous with their hair compared to men, but it might be the other way around. For men, their haircut is more than just complying with a regular hair trim. Their hair is one of the essential accessories they can wear to improve their looks, show off their personality, and express their identity.

Don’t be surprised if some men hate it when people casually touch or ruin their hair. The only time they’d be willing to let you touch their hair is when you’re giving them a haircut. Speaking of haircuts, if you want to ensure you get the best and most stunning haircut, you need to visit a specialist who specializes in men’s haircuts. You can find these specialists in no other than barbershops.  

And so, ask yourself, ‘Which barber near me can relate to my hair needs and give me the best haircut possible?’ Your experience with your trusted barbershop will be unlike the parlors and salons you’ve previously visited. But before you pick your final barbershop, here are five reasons why men prefer getting their hair cut at barbershops:

1. A Barber Is Highly Skilled In Cutting Men’s Hair

Some of you may assume that getting a haircut at a salon and a barbershop are all the same thing. But here’s the thing—a salon hires hairstylists and cosmetologists in which they do several services like cutting hair, perming, coloring, hair rebonding treatments, and other hair services. In short, they can still cut a wide range of haircuts, but that doesn’t mean they specialize in it. 

Meanwhile, if you visit a barbershop, their barbers are specifically trained to master the skill of cutting men’s hair. They also study different male hair types and styles, making them knowledgeable about any hairstyle you wish to have. Most of all, these barbers, being guys themselves, know what men exactly want when choosing a hairstyle. So, for men out there who are from Australia, find an Adelaide barber who can help you decide and achieve the best haircut for your hair type.  

2. Barbershops Are Made For Masculine

Do you honestly enjoy your haircut appointments when visiting different salons? Some are constructed for neutral genders while others are made for women only. Hence, when you visit a salon, expect that you’ll be seeing things like nail polish racks, manicure stations, pedicure chairs, and so on.

On the other hand, barbershops are built with men in mind. The goal of barbershops is to create an environment where men can relax and enjoy while they get a haircut. Some barbershops are decorated in themes fit for men such as sports memorabilia, race cars, tattoo studios, and more.

3. Barbershops Are More Than Just About Haircuts

As a man, you can only avail of limited services if you go to a salon. Perhaps, you can get a haircut with a bit of shampooing, and that’s about it. You probably won’t avail of the other services that most salons offer. Meanwhile, barbershops offer services made for men.  

Aside from getting a haircut, you may also avail of services like scalp massage, mustache trim, beard trim, and more. Some of these services aren’t offered in salons. Some barbershops would even offer to shave you or massage you for free after getting a haircut, and this experience alone is something you can only enjoy when visiting barbershops.

4. Barbershops Provide Quality Hair Products For Men

As part of their services, barbershops use high-quality hair products designed for men’s hair. If you wish to indulge your hair with the right hair products invented for men, then drive yourself to your trusted barbershop, and they’ll cater to your hair styling needs. For example, if you want to find a pomade for your pompadour, you only need to tell this to your barber, and he’ll find the perfect pomade suitable for your hair type.

5. Barbershops Are Worth The Rate

While it’s true that some salons offer lower rates for haircuts, this doesn’t guarantee that you’ll step out of their establishment feeling satisfied. Otherwise, you might end up dealing with a bad haircut. If you wish to get a haircut and get your money’s worth, then it might be best to visit a barbershop, get a fantastic haircut, and walk out feeling pleased and contented.

Some barbershops may cost you a few bucks more, but they’ll ensure you get the best out of what you’re paying for. Some of them would even offer other services aside from a haircut, including a hot lather shave, scalp massage, or facial hair trimming. In short, your USD$15-$20 is already good for a cut and a shave. What’s more, you even get some personalized hair advice from your barber. If you have any inquiries about your hair and which styles suit you best, you can freely ask, and they’ll provide sensible and truthful tips.

Wrap Up

Overall, the main reason men prefer barbershops is because they’re simply worth it, and you’re guaranteed to receive outstanding service. So, take your time to browse different barbershops by reading online reviews or hear recommendations from other men for the real scoop.