4 Ways to Look Your Best on the Beach

When you look like your best self, you feel that way as well. Now that the summer season is in its full swing it is very important to prepare for days spent on the beach. If you have problems with your confidence and you’re not sure how to present yourself at the seaside you should carefully read what follows. Here is some advice on how to look exquisite on the beach.

1. Choose your swimwear wisely

Since while on the beach you will be spending most of your time lounging in your swimwear it’s very important to choose the style, fabric and colour of your piece wisely. Thankfully, the variety of the styles available is at its peak nowadays so you don’t have to worry that you won’t find something that fits your wishes. If you don’t feel comfortable in the regular bikini, you may want to look out for some incredible one-piece swimsuits. Also, in the last couple of years high waisted bikinis have become quite stylish, so they’re always an option. If you’d like to elongate your legs try out some bottoms which are high-cut, but if you’d like to appear more voluptuous get yourself a frilly bikini. When it comes to the fabric your swimsuit is made out of, it is always the best option to look for more eco-friendly options. If you’d like to learn more about that, we suggest you follow this link and look more into the wonders of sustainable swimwear.

2. Sarongs are always in fashion

Being the hottest one on the beach is not always about finding the best bikini, accessories come into play too. If you’d like to look your best while you arrive at the beach you should get yourself an amazing sarong. Tie it around your waist if you’d like to accentuate it and look more pin-up. If you’re a fan of a more youthful style you should tie it around your hips. When it comes to choosing the pattern of the sarong, you may want to pick something more neutral so you could pair it with multiple swimwear. Also, the more neutral in pattern your sarong is, the less likely it is that it’ll go out of style the following summer season.

3. Accessories are essential

A lot of people believe that the only beach appropriate accessories are sunglasses and hats. Boy, are they wrong! You can wear as much jewelry as your heart desires, however, be careful to pick something you won’t miss too much if it falls casualty to the waves. Dainty pieces would be the best choice for the beach as something more flashy and chunky may look out of place. Save the more blingy jewelry for the dinnertime. If you want to look as beachy as possible get something gold and tiny since it’ll shimmer beautifully in the summer sun. A side note, a bracelet or an anklet made out of seashells is extremely popular this season and is a piece that will contribute to every beach ready look.

4. Wear the sunscreen

Probably the most important piece of advice you can get if you’re going to be exposed to the sun for the entire day is to arm yourself with some sunscreen. No matter what the colour of your natural skin is, you should apply sunscreen since unfortunately we’re all prone to skin cancer and premature aging. The best looking skin on the beach is healthy skin, so by wearing your sunscreen since day one of your vacation you’ll make sure that your skin will not be burned to a crisp by day five. When choosing the proper sunscreen for your beach adventure, pay attention to the label and make sure you get the protective factor of 30 and above.