Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets Defines New Modern Living

Over the last couple of years, wood-based cabinets have enjoyed a roller coaster ride in terms of popularity; one day they are trending high and the next day they have plummeted down to the lowest ranks in fashion. Isn’t it funny?

In 2023, the popularity of natural wood cabinets is exacerbated by the fact that classic interior design fashion trends are in great demand. If you are wondering whether wood-based cabinets will stay trending or soon fade away, continue reading. 

We have wholesomely reviewed natural wood kitchen cabinets; their features, popularity, and how to work with them, 

Features that Define Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

It is arguably unjustified to review the popularity of natural wood cabinets without acknowledging to features that define them; it is their features that make them underscores their popularity. 

Here are the typical attributes of natural wood kitchen cabinets.

  • All-Natural Material Compartment

Just like their name attests, natural wood cabinets are crafted from natural wood, the most natural cabinetry material you can think of. Because there are dozens of different types of hardwoods currently being used to craft cabinets, you can find different types of natural wood kitchen cabinets

The most obvious types of these drawers include the following; 

  • Oak Cabinets: Considered the most common types of natural wood cabinets, oak cabinets come in two major varieties; white and red oak cabinets, all of which come in an array of colors and shapes. 
  • Hickory Cabinets: Hickory cupboards are as durable and strong as oak cabinets yet not as popular as you’d expect them to be. Nevertheless, the segment of homeowners that has opted for them is enjoying enhanced practicability in their pantries.  
  • Maple cabinets: After oak, maple is ideally the most common type of hardwood. Maple cabinets are easier to find, longer-lasting, and exceptionally compatible with both traditional and modern cookhouses. 
  • Simplicity

From ancient to the most recent varieties, natural wood kitchen cabinets boast simplicity in styling, a fact that certainly brings them to life every time their popularity tries to fade away. More often, they are less ornamented, angular-designed, and engulfed with clear lines and edges.  Their seamless compatibility with all interior designs arguably draws from their simplistic demeanor. 

  • Compatibility with All Interior Designs

As we have just observed above, wood-based cabinets are amazingly compatible with both traditional and modern interior designs, thanks to their simpler structure and appearance. Wood cabinets are mostly associated with classic interiors because their background is vintage fashion. 

Nonetheless, there’s no one modern-style interior design that they cannot match if you do the following while working with them. 

  • Mix Colors: Pairing natural wood kitchen cabinets with colors in terms of accentual features, implements, and other decorative wear is one way of aligning them with ultra-modern interior design aesthetics. 
  • Install Cabinet Accessories: In styling wood cabinets to achieve modern design aesthetics, cabinet accessories made of shiny metallic lusters, for example, golden, chrome, or stainless steel undertones, are the best to go for. 

Unmasking the Popularity of Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Now that we’ve discussed the features that define wood cabinets, we can go on to unmask the popularity of these drawers. As of now, are they truly popular or just a fad? Well, let us find out why they never completely go out of fashion. 

  • Natural Wood Cabinets are Versatile

As one variety of natural wood kitchen cabinets degrades in terms of fashion, another variety, sometimes varieties, enjoy enhanced popularity. This simple fact can explain why wood-based cabinets will never go completely out of fashion. Because they are versatile, you can always find varieties that rock trending fashion even when others are losing their grip on popularity. 

  • Natural Wood Cabinets are Easier to Find

Another reason why wood-based cabinets always come back to fashion even after losing popularity is based on the fact that they are easier to access. Many homeowners would rather go for the devil they know than an angel they don’t know; rather than waste time trying to choose modern-style cupboards, the majority stick to the emblematic wood cabinets. 

  • Natural Wood Cabinets are Cost-Effective

Even if modern homeowners try to leave wood-based cabinets for cabinets crafted from artificial materials, they always find themselves coming back to the former for various reasons. Firstly, unlike cabinets made from laminate and other artificial materials, natural wood kitchen cabinets are durable and amazingly easier to outfit. 

Secondly, thanks to their simplistic stylistic attributes, natural wood cabinets are easier and cheaper to style not to mention the zero costs associated with maintaining them. Because they are cheaper and effortless to maintain and use in interior design, natural wood kitchen cabinets occupy an identifiable position in contemporary interior design fashion. 

  • Natural Wood Cabinets are Environment Friendly

Unlike many cabinet designs whose manufacturing calls for the application of different industrial materials, most of which are negatively impactful to the environment, natural wood cabinets are all-natural. This implies that they are recyclable and so, not straining on our precious environment. 

The more populations globally continue to be conscious of environmental issues, the more wood-based interior décor materials, including kitchen cabinets, surge in terms of popularity. This is likely one reason for the unending popularity of natural wood cupboard designs. 

Should I Go For Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets?

Certainly yes! What are you waiting for? As you have observed, natural wood kitchen cabinets are more beneficial compared to lots of cabinetry designs.  With wood-based cabinets, you can cut the cost of an interior design almost by half while making everything about mixing various décor materials simple and fun. 

But before you go for natural wood cabinets, you need to be certain about the designs you should pay for. The takeaway is to consider the interior design elements defining your pantry as well as your dream modern interior design aesthetics. 

Final Thoughts

Natural wood kitchen cabinets have been popular from since the 1700s and 1800s. Currently, they are among the list of top-trending cabinetry designs, all thanks to their remarkable characteristics, including versatility, compatibility with multiple interiors, and convenience in access, styling, and usage.