Nursery and Kids Room Theme Trends

A nursery and a kids’ room deserve even more attention than any other space in your house. The main difference between designing a room for your child and your bedroom is that children’s interests and preferences change too fast. They grow up, develop, and learn new things all the time. So, which idea will suit your child best? Dragons of Walton Street ( knows the answer. And below, you will find out what to take into account when choosing trendy ideas for nursery and kids’ room designs.

Nursery Design Ideas

Eco-friendliness is the main trend of the last decade. Moreover, it is the greatest idea for the room where an infant will be getting to know this world from the first days. When selecting furniture, make sure it is made of quality materials. The same attention must be paid to materials for decorating the walls, be it paint or wallpaper.

In 2021, pastel, light shades for décor prevail. You may incorporate some bright accents by adding suitable accessories depending on the gender of your baby. Besides, it is popular to use gender-neutral colours like orange, green, or red.

Pastel colours in nursery interior design

Kids Room Design

When it comes to designing a room for a toddler or older child, you can choose from some thematic ideas. Of course, it is preferable to listen to your kid’s desires and take into account his/her interests. Nevertheless, some decorative elements will be appreciated by every child without exception. One of them is some kind of a cosy space like a teepee, tent, or children’s shanty.

African Safari themed kids playroom

The second is a desk for painting, which will also help avoid wiping “masterpieces” from furniture and other surfaces.

Painting table for kids room

Finally, select a suitable bed. It is better to make a decision together with your child. Just make sure that the chosen model is safe, comfortable, and durable enough.

Canopy bed for a girl's room

If it is difficult for you to combine your kid’s preferences and your personal ideas, visit the website of Dragons of Walton Street. There, you will find inspiration and professional craftsmen who will help fulfil any desire in reality.