Outdoor Furniture: Tips For Choosing Style, Material And Colour

Selecting the right outdoor furniture is in some ways similar to choosing a 3-piece suite for the living room. It must be in keeping with the overall look of the space and needs to be very well made. We all know how harsh the climate can be, particularly in Australia, so your terrace furniture needs to be made from materials that will stand the test of time.

Here are a few tips from the pros:

  • Materials – If you check out the garden furniture Melbourne stores are offering, you will see a wide range of materials used. Wicker-resin is one very popular choice, with washable and removeable cushions. When you are going to power wash the terrace, you can wash wicker-resin furniture units and with the cushion covers washed, your suite is ready to entertain. Aluminium frames are also good, while seasoned timber is also a popular choice with homeowners. Wicker-resin is very popular, as it ticks all the boxes from the homeowner’s perspective. It comes in a range of shades as well.
  • Style – Of course, only you know what works in your exterior living space and if you are unsure, Google Images will come to the rescue and provide you with some inspiration. When looking at outdoor furniture, focus on the materials and workmanship as much as the looks, as you want the items to last for many years.
  • Colours – Something neutral would work with almost all shades; a dark brown or black is an ideal choice, while metallic silver or a matt bronze also works. If you choose aluminium framed furniture, there would be a range of powder colours to choose from. Rather than ordering a suite online, take a trip to a local outdoor centre, where they have an extensive selection of garden furniture that you can experience in a real-life terrace setting. If you arrive at the garden centre and already have a good idea what you are looking for, that’s great, but if not, you can sample a wide range of suites and individual items all at affordable prices.

Tried & Tested Brands

The great thing about the Internet is you can easily discover whether or not a product reviews well, and if it doesn’t then you can scratch that one off your list. Wicker-resin chairs all have aluminium frames, not that you would notice, of course, and with the cushions removed, they can be left outside for extended periods.

The Standards

Whatever you decide, make sure that the furniture conforms to standards and you can’t really go wrong. The latest generation of wicker-resin furniture uses thick treated wicker (7mm) that is secured to the aluminum frames, which is treated to be UV-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about sun damage.

Hanging Egg Chairs

While you may have your heart set on a traditional 4-chair and table suite, a hanging egg chair or two make for great seating and for a small patio, this type of seating does not need floor space, unless there is nothing overhead, in which case you would need a hanging chair with its own frame. When at the garden centre, take the time to experience the egg chairs and you will be hooked; they really are that comfortable!