Retro Styles Set To Dominate the Fashion World This Year

Do you have a wardrobe that’s ready to burst with outfits from all seasons, shades and styles, but you still find nothing to wear? Well, worry no more because, in this blog, you’ll find out about the best Retro Styles Set To Dominate The Fashion World This Year! 

So if you have your high school clothes’ in a trunk somewhere or your mums or nans old garments lying around, go dig them up and get ready to transform into a trendy retro babe prepared for the year ahead. If you haven’t kept those trunks or don’t have old clothes from your parents. Then check out for some cool retro style clothing.

So, if you’re ready to rule the fashion streets, keep reading!

Go Retro with Accessories

Silk scarves:

If you happen to remember the silk scarves from the ’80s, hopefully, you saved a few, and I’ve got good news for you! This year, we’re not just tying these scarves around our necks and hair but chaining them into legit tops. This is one outfit that looks like you’ve just walked off of the runway.

Tinted sunglasses:

In 2022, we’re looking at the world with a more colorful and bright approach. Huge, tacky, tinted sunglasses that rocked the 90’s are back in trend. In case you’ve managed to save a few from those period, congratulations, here’s your time to use them! If you aren’t that lucky to have some throwback shades, you need to add some to your collection ASAP. It’s time to move on from the regular cat-eye and square-cut frames. 


Not like sneakers have ever gone out of trend, but in 2022, we’re crushing extra hard on them. The pop culture sneakers are back in fashion town, and we welcome them with open arms. While heels continue to be classy and flats continue to be elegant, we’re pairing sneakers with anything and everything this year, and that’s the latest trend! 

Go Retro with Prints

Monotonous Mary:

Remember the old monotonous prints on clothes? Well, they’re in trend. And guess what, we’re not co-ording this year. Instead, this year is all about recurring prints different for tops and bottoms. Ill fits and oversized ones are even better! You could throw on a cami and a pajama with completely contrasting shades and completely different prints and still be a dominant fashion force. So dig in and find out everything you can and remember this year. Everything odd is unique!

Floral Granny:

We’re not restricting floral prints to curtains this year. Our granny had a fantastic dress sense. Dig into your granny’s wardrobe of old clothes, and you’ll find floral printed dresses and voila! You’ve hit the jackpot because that’s what we’re bringing back in 2022. Dresses, shirts, skirts, scarves- the aim is to have floral prints on as many outfits as possible. 

Check prints:

Check prints have never really been outdated. Although retro, these prints have dominated the fashion market for the last decade and would continue to do so for the next one to come. Well, no digging into trunks here. Thanks to the check prints for never going out of trend! Blazers, skirts, dresses and shirts, you are good to go as they are readily available.

Go Retro with Outfits


Vests, although they have never gone out of trend, this year we’re not layering them. We’re showing off cool sleeveless, buttoned, and V cut vests paired with matching bell bottoms and shorts. An outfit you’re sure to see everywhere this summer.

Prairie dresses:

The traditional prairie dress is usually saved for beaches and Prairies. It’s time to get it out of the trunk and wear it to your casual hangouts this year. As cute as this dress looks, pairing it with sneakers gives it a casual look and changes the vibe completely, and that’s why we’re in love with it. 

Denim on denim:

Discarding the long decade rule of not pairing denim on denim, this year, we’re doing exactly that. A denim jacket with denim shorts is what we’ll focus on this year, bringing back the 80’s pop culture vibe. 

In a nutshell

With many contrasting ideas from the previous years’ trends, this year, we have a very different approach towards fashion, especially since we’ve picked up on retro style clothing; the list is insane. So, if you’ve been on this blog so far and have liked our ideas about Retro Styles Set To Dominate The Fashion World This Year, go check out your wardrobes and rule the fashion streets like a queen.