Spain’s Most Popular Dating Site

Online dating is currently gaining unprecedented popularity. According to the statistical data, more than a third of all World Wide Web users have used the services of such type of internet resources at least once. Just think about it: about 1.5 million people spend up to 4 hours a day on such platforms. In this, the ratio of men and women is 1:1.

The British psychologist, Jeffrey Gavin, even conducted an experiment in which he invited volunteers between the ages of 19 to 26 to register on a dating site and try to find themselves a mate. And know what, 72% of participants continued their communication in real life with the people they found on the internet.

The popular Spanish dating site,, started working in 2005 and, over this period, has become one of the most popular services of this kind in Spain.

The principle idea of the site

Despite the fact that was originally developed for dating exclusively among residents of Spain, it soon became available to users from other countries.

They were joined by those desiring to meet on the Internet from Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy, and a bit later – from all over Europe. At the same time, separate versions of the site in different languages were created for each of the countries.

Using their unique Meetic Pass, users can log onto any site and search for acquaintances in other countries.

A paid subscription is one of the key features of the resource. You can view user profiles free of charge, but need to get a paid subscription in order to have access to chats and emails. You can choose from one of the three types of subscriptions:

1. Monthly.

2. Quarterly.

3. Yearly.

Without a paid account, you can only contact users who have Total Connect installed. But they are few. To date, the statistics of site visits to is as follows:

  • site visits per month – almost 3 million;
  • unique users per month – around 400 thousand;
  • the ratio of site visits from computers and smartphones – 40% and 60%, respectively.

Spain is the main geolocation for users visiting the site. This is almost 96% of the total users. The following countries lag well behind in the rankings: Bulgaria, USA, Argentina, Mexico, and other countries.

Differences with competitors

The developers have tried to protect their users as much as possible and minimize the number of fake users on the site. The principle of paid subscriptions simply eliminates these categories. That is, the chance to meet a real person is much higher here than on many similar sites.

In addition, the resource provides a high level of anonymity. Unregistered users will not be able to view your profile. Unless, of course, you select Total Connect in your profile settings. Also, please note that all chat messages are sent over an SSL connection, which makes it physically impossible for third parties to intercept your correspondence.

Pros and cons of the Spanish dating site

The important advantages of are:

  • responsive website that works equally well from almost any device;
  • user anonymity;
  • official applications for iOS and Android;
  • encrypted messages;
  • active user audience;
  • excellent work of moderators who do not let fake photos into the site;
  • the ability to temporarily close your profile and then reopen at any time;
  • SMS alert service.

Of course, it comes with some drawbacks. The main version of the site is provided only in Spanish, and there is no Russian version at all. The vast majority of users are residents of Spain, the audience of other countries is significantly smaller. Using the site for free is virtually pointless.

Functionality and features

The main function of — search for partners. You enter your data, choose who you want to find, and the system offers different options among its registered users. After that, you can contact the person and get acquainted online to further decide together whether you are ready for a personal face to face meeting.

The site allows you to find users not only by age and gender, as on many resources, but also by geolocation, interests and other criteria. In the profile settings, you can activate the so-called “Zen” mode. In this case, only those profiles that match your specified parameters can contact you. It is very convenient if you want to reduce the number of potentially unwanted or uninteresting acquaintances.

As mentioned above, has their own branded applications for iOS and Android. They are now actively used by more than half of the platform’s users. You may opt not to use the computer version at all – all the main features are supported by the apps. However, they become available only after purchasing a paid subscription.

Why is Meetic so popular in Spain today?

The site states that in Spain alone, more than 1 million couples from absolutely different regions of the country have met through Meetic. And this is really a major indicator. It states that not only is the site being actively used, but also that many users willingly decide to meet personally. is chosen for its privacy, flexible profile settings, a minimum number of fakers and rigorous scrutiny. Consequently, the chances of finding a real person, whose information and profile photo correspond to reality, are much higher.

Some might argue that there are many free alternatives with similar functionality and totally free access. But there are a huge number of fakers and, even worse, every possible kind of scammers prevalent on such sites. Therefore, the choice in favor of a paid and more secure service becomes quite obvious.

Today, for many, online dating is practically the only way to find interesting people outside of his/her own circle of friends, and perhaps even a soul mate for life. We recommend you try this service if you are in Spain or one of the other countries where works.

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