Style Guide for Small Diamond Hoop Earrings

There are limited accessories which display versatility when it comes to enhancing your looks. Cute small diamond hoops are one of them. These little hoop earrings can never go wrong on any occasion. Whether you wear them casually or while attending a wedding, the little hoop earrings will always be eye catching. It’s the same reason that superstars like Meghan Markle, Margot Robbie and Jennifer Lopez can be spotted on various occasions flaunting small diamond hoops.

However, when it comes to choosing from the wide variety of small diamond hoops available in the market, the confusion starts to build up. And, here we are! To help you select the perfect small diamond hoops for yourself. This style guide will help you pick the perfect pair of small diamond hoops based on your style statement. So let’s get started.

Style and Setting

This is the first step to choose perfect small diamond hoops. You need to check the style and setting to decide. There are numerous combinations of styles & settings and here we’ll describe a few major ones.

For Casual Wear

Let’s consider that you wish to shop a pair of little hoop earrings for wearing them everyday to the office or just casually (maybe while shopping). In this case you would require small diamond hoops which are relatively simply styled and have a more secure diamond setting. Hence, going for a pair of single diamond hoops with a bezel setting in this case would be perfect for you. A style and setting of this sort would look like shown in the image below.

Shop Solitaire Diamond Hoops

These earrings are comfortable and easy to carry. Besides this, the bezel setting helps in keeping your diamond secured. So, you now know which type of small diamond hoops to go for if you wish to wear them casually.

For Special Occasions

It’s quite understandable that if the occasion is special, the little hoop earrings have to be special too. This is where you would shop flashy hoops with prong or line settings with multiple dazzling diamonds arranged exquisitely to complete your special look.

So, the magnificent style and setting in this case would look something like this:

Shop Line Diamond Hoops

These earrings possess a beautiful line setting with diamonds arranged in an increasing size fashion. A slight variation to this and equally beautiful is a pair of micro-pave diamond hoops which looks like as in the image below.

Authenticity and Quality

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The Final Word

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