Teen Patti Game in India

Teen Patti is the Indian version of poker and one of the most played card games in India. It is inspired by the British card game ‘’Three Card Brag’’. Teen Patti is based on the competition and one with the best wins the pot. If you want to play teen Patti game in India you can get the experience of the game at Baazi247.com.

How to Play

Teen Patti game can be played with 3 to 7 players and a full deck of cards except for jokers. A dealer is a player who starts the game and the winner of each round becomes the dealer for the next round. Further betting will start from the player who is sitting left to the dealer. After that, all players have to act according to their turns. No counts of turns are there. Players who (not more than two) remain in the game till last will be declared as winners according to the strength of their card.

Boot Amount

Boot money is the amount required to start the game. The amount needs to be decided by the player and have to be put in the center of the table and after that other players will submit their stakes.

Blind and Seen

There are mainly two ways of betting one is blind and the other one is by seeing the cards

When playing blind

  • Your bet must be equal or double of current stake if the other player is also blind.
  • Your bet needs to be half or equal if the player next to you is playing seen.

When playing seen,

  • Your bet must be twice the current stake if the other player is also playing seen.
  • Your bet needs to be twice or four times of current stake if the player next to you is playing blind.

Side Show

When two players are playing seen, then one player can ask for a sideshow to the previous one.

Acceptance or rejection depends on the player. If a player accepts and is ready to show then the player with weaker hand has to fold and in the case when cards are equal then the player who asked has to fold.


A player can fold his cards anytime if there is no chance of winning and he doesn’t need to add any amount to a pot for the next round.

Hand Ranking

Trio/Three- In this, there are three cards of the same rank.

Pure Sequence – Trio of cards in the same sequence as well as the same suit.

Normal Sequence – Trio of the card is in sequence but the suit is different.

Colour– Colour of three cards is the same but sequence is different.

Pair- Pair of the card is of the same rank.

High Card- When a hand does not follow any of the above-mentioned conditions then the winner is decided by checking the highest card.

Platform to Play

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