The Aesthetics of Urban Techwear

As one of the most trending modern fashion styles, techwear has taken the fashion industry by storm. Born out of a need to blend functionality with utility, techwear carries a very no-nonsense, bomb-proof design, completely free of frills. While there are a ton of interpretations of the techwear look, it falls into two categories. Deciding on how to create your look based on the techwear aesthetic will be one of the things discussed here.There are many options to choose from in the techwear niche. Both dedicated labels and big-name brands, great and small, have readily jumped on the trend, meaning that options are plentiful.

The Basics of Techwear

It is not easy to just get into the world of techwear; the style is too unique and niche. However, there is plenty of potential for individualism because of the simplicity of the design. There are a few common components that are universally respected as being definitive of the techwear style.

There are two main styles of techwear. One is gray and the other is black. Gray techwear is simply more streamlined and understated, and outright functionality is ideal. Black techwear, on the other hand, is less guarded, with obvious military and cyberpunk influences. The ‘gray’ and ‘black’ names do not refer to colors. However, techwear almost always gravitates towards darker colors and monochrome. That does not mean that there is no room for deviation. A green hard-shell jacket or white techwear pants are not out of place. It is all about making function the main focus.Many brands and their products feature a wide range of colors and designs. Despite this, most consumers and aficionados will often associate the techwear aesthetic with dark and understated color tones.
For the most part, the majority of the fabrics are quite utilitarian and technical. The surfaces are free of brand names and logos. A streamlined, blocky style that is more functional than fashionable. There are taped seams and a variety of straps.

How To Style A Techwear Outfit ?

It is all about useful layers. Techwear starts with three basic layers on top, and then pants, boots, and other accessories follow.

The first layer is the outer one. There are two types: hard-shell and soft-shell. Hardshells are more about protection from the elements. Waterproof and reflective materials are the norm. The hard shell will keep the body completely safe from adverse weather conditions, including rain. The softshell is designed to be more insulating. The fabrics are thick and designed to keep body heat in. Oversized jackets, overcoats, or large sweaters can be used to make an outer shell.

The second layer is the middle layer. This layer is also designed to be an insulating layer. A simple vest or sweatshirt can be used for the middle layer. It is optional.

The last layer is the inner or base layer. Innerwear is supposed to be light and breathable. The fabric should not be constructive or tight. Techwear pants are an important part of the look. The utility here means lots of pockets. They should not be tight; a range of motion is necessary. Straight cuts, open seams, and lots of zippers are encouraged. Whit a white techwear pants, you can use a combination of inner and outer layers.

Footwear is also an important part. Boots are preferable. The go-anywhere trend should translate to capable, utilitarian shoes.

The final part of techwear is accessories. Shoulder bags with extendable compartments are a favorite. Face caps and masks are also popular.

The Making of Modern Techwear

Techwear was born out of the cyberpunk interpretations of the future that were prevalent in the 1980s. The concept was a marriage between retro-futuristic ideas and outdoor utility. That is why the outdoor Industries were the first to get in on the act.

Those who choose techwear want to cross the line between utility and aesthetics. The functionality is always preferred to form. And yet, techwear has become so popular because its brutal functionality has a beautiful form to it.

While the concept was born in the 80s, the true depth of what techwear meant is a period we are only entering now. As was mentioned before, techwear is based on futuristic themes, where utility, adaptability, and functionality are of the highest importance. The world is now waking up to that concept. Fashion is now beginning to celebrate independence and individuality over basic, confirmative extravagance.

The techwear aesthetic was first embraced by adventurers and people who liked to live outdoors and on the edge. Skiers, hikers, and the likes who needed more function and protection than what athleisure offered turned to techwear.

Bottom Line 

As fashion trends tend to go, however, the mainstream gradually caught on. The hard-shell jackets, sharp lines, and multi-purpose utility associated with techwear are now finding their way into everyday streetwear. Urban techwear is a rapidly growing fashion trend that combines the cool, cyberpunk look with a relentless focus on function.