The Air Filters in Your Home

Air Filters

When you think air filters, the first images that come to mind should be clean air and a fresh smelling home. That is no accident, the tools are used exclusively as a means to make sure that the air coming into your home is kept fresh and clean. The process is necessary considering that there are all sorts of allergens and pollutants trying to flow into your home. Air filters work constantly from the moment they are installed, but that means that they are constantly becoming dirty too. Companies such as specialize in cleaning these systems effectively, and you need to replace the air filters in your home consistently, but what kind do you need?

Common Air Filters

The air filters for your home are made with cleaning in mind and they do that by trapping and absorbing passing air particles. The mesh weaving is designed with stopping particles while airflow is allowed through, the effectiveness of the filters is seen by the MERV rating system. This system allows for you to clearly see how effective air filters are, with higher rated filters having tighter mesh weaving. But while it may seem like the best air filters to have are the ones with the highest ratings, this is actually not the case.

The best air filters for a home are actually in the more average range due to the fact that tight mesh weaving isn’t always the best for an air system. This is because of the fact that tighter mesh weaving means that air will have a tougher time traveling through into the air system behind the filter. The system may try and push the airflow forward anyway, but this ends up straining the system and increasing your energy billing. You need to make sure that the airflow is coming in smoothly by ordering new ones and installing them before the dirty air filters become a problem.
air filters

New Filter Installment

You need to order new air filters from a trusted provider at a regular rate so that you have new air filters at a reliable rate. The point of which is to replace the old filters before the airflow starts slowing down. There are also issues with the air actually leaving your home as well since particles cannot travel through dirty filters in both directions. This is especially problematic for homes with resident smokers or pets.

When your new air filters arrive, all the process needs is for you to swap the old filter with the new one. The new filters are usable upon arrival, so you are set to go when they get there and they continue to work until they to become too dirty to allow airflow to pass through smoothly. You should replace your air filters as often as monthly depending on the area around your home and the MERV ratings of your filters.