The Emirati Wedding: A Lavish Celebration of Unity

The United Arab Emirates is well known for its love of all things extravagant and luxurious. It is the norm for both women and men to have all sorts of jewellery and other splendid accessories as adornments wherever they go. The rich aroma of expensive perfume permeates the air as the people go around their daily business.

With such an opulent way of life, we can only imagine how much more luxurious and splendid their weddings would be, from the venue to the ceremony, and the entire celebration itself. Here are a few things you can expect from a wedding in the Emirates.

The Nikah

The Arabic word “Nikah” means marriage, which is typically done prior to the main celebration. An officiator or religious person leads the ceremony in the presence of 2 witnesses. This is where the couple officially becomes husband and wife. After this ceremony, the party ensues. Before this time, the bride has received the “mahr.” This is actually gold or money that the groom has bestowed upon the bride during the proposal of marriage, and is typically used by the bride to spend on her elegant adornments for her wedding.

The Venue

Although there may be some Emiratis who are not as affluent as others and unable to afford the more extravagant celebrations, they will use up their savings for the festivities. It is prevalent to hold the reception in a hotel. However, the celebrations can also be held in their homes and yards. The houses are covered completely and filled with bright lights, so everyone is aware that the wedding reception is taking place. Wedding planners for weddings in Dubai usually provide excellent ideas for wedding ceremonies.

The Party

Traditionally, the Emirati wedding party separates the men from the women. This means that parties are divided into two. The reason here is that women who typically cover their faces can celebrate without the face coverings since there are no unfamiliar men to see them without it. The women’s celebration consists of full entertainment and dancing. They are dressed to the nines and fully adorned, allowed to show off to other female guests while dancing their cares away. The men, on the other hand, are much simpler in attire but have their share of dancing to the rhythm of hypnotizing Emirati music and enjoying exceptional entertainment.

The Food

Much as their lavish lifestyle, the food served during an Emirati wedding celebration is bountiful and luscious. Guests need to keep their stomachs empty to partake of the feast. Emirati coffee is abundant, along with dates and various sweet delicacies to tickle the palate.

An Emirati wedding, just like any other, is truly a cause for a grand celebration. The unity between a man and a woman, coupled with the anticipation of future children is reason enough to be joyful. The lavishness and the pomp are a sight to behold, as it forecasts a prosperous and happy life for the newly-weds and the family they are about to build.