The Ins & Outs of K-Beauty Skincare

So-called K-Beauty products are becoming increasingly popular, but have you ever wondered what it even is? Don’t worry, we have you covered, and we will discuss what K-beauty actually is and we will also list some of our favourite brands and products available.

What Is K-Beauty?

Succinctly put, K-beauty refers to skincare products that are derived from South Korea. Korean skincare products are massively popular across the globe. The K-beauty skincare routine is focused around healthy, hydration and luminous skin which is achieved through a lengthy and meticulous beauty routine. Most routines involve a 10-step programme which revolves around layering to keep the skin looking beautiful.

Where Can I Buy Korean Skincare Products?

It might sound like K-beauty products will be hard to come by, but actually, it really isn’t. There are multiple UK companies that have dedicated themselves to offering the best Korean beauty products on the market. Skinsider is one of these websites and is based in London. Many of their brands are completely cruelty-free or have cruelty-free products!

Recommended K-Beauty Brands


One of our recommended brands is Benton, find them here This brand sets out to use natural ingredients and because of this, each of their ranges serves a very specific purpose. This means you are guaranteed to find the products that work the best with your skin type. They are dedicated to providing cruelty-free products and are listed in both the PETA as well as the Ethical Bunny list of true cruelty-free brands.


Another great brand is COSRX. This brand is also certified vegan and cruelty-free. COSRX is a highly rated brand and a true favourite amongst K-beauty fans. They are famed for their high-performance products that are both gentle on the skin and does what it says on the tin. Similar to Benton, they are keen to avoid anything harmful and only use what’s absolutely needed in their products. They are also dedicated to remaining an affordable brand.

Beauty of Joseon

Inspired by the Joseon Dynasty who focused on skincare rather than makeup, this brand features traditional herbal medicine in their ingredients to help promote healthier looking skin. The traditional ingredient included is called hanbang. They also use a wide range of other natural ingredients, including Ginseng root extract, fermented grains, rice water, fruit extract and even snail secretion filtrate to name a few. 


A little on the pricier side, Neogon combines natural ingredients with high science to create skincare products that revitalise, hydrate, moisturise and brighten skin. They are famous for their advanced formulas that have proven beneficial to so many users. Many of their products are suitable for all skin types – ideal if you are unsure about your skin type but want to ensure a great skincare routine. Some of their products use some very interesting ingredients, such as white truffle oil and red wine.

I hope this quick primer on the top rated K-beauty products encourages you to try out this latest trend and see what it can do for your skin.