Various Types of Awnings – What will be the Best Choice for You?

Awnings are gaining a lot of popularity lately – and when you think about it, it’s not surprising at all. With the annual heatwaves that regularly bring us record temperatures, every solution capable of providing respite from the sun is bound to interest homeowners all over the country. Especially when it’s a solution as stylish and effective as high-quality awnings – their durable construction can provide comfortable shade to relax in on a hot day while improving the appearance of a building at the same time.

There are various types of awnings available – from off the shelf ones to bespoke products manufactured with your individual needs in mind, you can choose a retractable awning or a fixed one, in various shapes and sizes and in almost any colour you can think of. But what should you consider when choosing your awning? Which type is the best for you?

What type of awning do you need?

Before you start looking at specific solutions available on the market, it’s important to know what your expectations really are. Spending a fortune on an elaborate and technologically advanced construction that you don’t really need is not necessarily a good investment of your money. Whether you’re looking for residential awnings or commercial awnings, there are a few things to consider before comparing various options.

  • Awning covers can be made from a variety of fabrics including cotton and polyester – different fabrics offer different level of durability, protection and quality. That’s why it’s not just about aesthetics, choose easy-to-maintain solutions that are capable of withstanding wear and tear.
  • To make sure that your awning is in the right size, you need to carefully measure the area you want it to cover – remember to include the slope of your chosen awning in the measurements.
  • When choosing an awning style, you have two possible options – you can either choose something that will fit in seamlessly with the style of your home, or something that will serve as an interesting and unique accent.

Awning types you can choose from

Retractable awnings

This type of awning is definitely the most popular one. And the main reason behind this popularity is the flexibility it offers. Whether you want to keep your awnings open or not depends entirely on your current needs – you can choose to open it only whenever you want to spend some time outside and otherwise keep it closed to protect the materials from the elements. This option is available with two types of opening mechanism – manual and automatic, so you can choose the solution that’s more comfortable for you to use.

Fixed awnings

Unlike the retractable models, fixed awnings stay open the whole time. This means that you do not get a chance to hide them in case of bad weather or heavy wind, so they have to be made of more durable and sturdy materials capable of withstanding more demanding conditions.

Conservatory awnings

An awning can be an addition to a building that can be fitted to the outside wall of your house in order to create a comfortable shade over your seating area, but you can also find awnings designed especially for conservatories. They give you a chance to make your conservatory even more comfortable and functional by giving it additional protection from scorching sunlight.

You should always choose an awning based on your individual needs and expectations. Think about the specific requirements that your situation creates and choose solutions that meet them – investing in bespoke services in probably the most efficient way of getting the results you’ve envisioned. Find your perfect awning and don’t let the sun stop you from enjoying spending time outside!