The Photo Album, a Wedding Staple: How a Facebook Group Can Help You Get the Photos You Want, and Make the Experience Communal

We are a society that is getting progressively more online as time goes on. It is a great asset that has limitless potential, and it can even help greatly in your wedding.

One way, and the most underrated way, it can help is in your photography. You might have your professional photographer hired and think that’s that, but you’re forgetting a few things that way. There is a communal aspect to looking at photographs, and since they hold a range of stories, you can miss a lot by calling it a day once you receive your professional photos.

If that interests you, take a look at our guide to using Facebook for the optimal photo sharing experience.

Collect your photos

This is where a Facebook group comes in. Just about everyone will be taking pictures at a wedding. Sure, you might have a professional photographer that will know how to capture the romance of the day, but you can never have too many. Everyone else will have a camera in their pocket, which they will use to capture everything else. The fun, the laughter, the dance moves, the things that “went wrong”. Chances are you will laugh at anything that went wrong while you’re on your honeymoon.

So, in the Facebook group, you can gather anyone who was at the wedding and ask for any snaps of the day. Everyone will be able to upload their pictures to the group, from which you can choose your favourites and perhaps even print them.

Create a photo album

Printing your photos offers a far more permanent memory. Online your photos will be posted, liked and scrolled past, only to be forgotten again. But when photos are printed, you can use them in lots of ways and gain some tangential anchor to attach your memories to.

You can put the photo album away for only your eyes, or put it out in your living room like a coffee table book, that guests can lift and enjoy while you are making the tea.

If you’re interested, you can create a photo album from Facebook with My Social Book and keep your memories as a physical treasure.

Host a viewing party

The thing about being the bride and groom at your own wedding is that you will miss a lot, unfortunately. You can’t be everywhere, and you will need a few minutes to disappear from the party. When you start looking at the photos that everyone is sharing, you will see just how much you have missed, and you will probably recognize quite quickly how photos can prompt conversation.

That’s why you should host a viewing party. Get the bridesmaids, groomsmen, family, etc. back for a relaxed evening of drinks and passing your photo album around the room as you swap stories. You can gossip about the guests, catch funny moments in photos and compare notes on your dress.