9 Types of Fashionable Hats for Women

You can never go wrong by adding a hat to your outfit. They are a fashion favorite always in style. Hats are a versatile accessory serving not only fashion but functional purposes. Protect your ears from chill, while still looking cute, or shield your eyes from the sun in a glamorous style. 

Your fashion arsenal is not complete without hats that pair well with your personal style. If you don’t know where to begin in your hat selection, here are 9 types of fashionable hats for women.

The Fedora 

The fedora is a classic style hat recognized easily by a refined folded top, short rim, and wrap-around ribbon. While originally worn by men, women have made it their own, taking this unique hat accessory and welcoming it into their fashion closet.  These soft felt hats remain a popular choice just as much among men as women. 

While distinct in style, the fedora is especially versatile and adds a touch of elegant edge to any outfit. Wear the fedora in various colors in different styles. Spice up a feminine ensemble or finish of a power-pants outfit. If you are looking for a hat that gives a classic statement and bold look to any outfit, try out the fedora. Plus, it’s just really cool.

A spin on the classic fedora is the wide brim fedora that is also known as the safari hat. It has the classic fedora shape but a slightly higher crown, center dent, and, of course, a wider brim. This style of fedora will bring a jazzed elegance to your outfit.

The Cloche

A popular 1920s hat, the cloche is a trendy hat with a distinguishable refined style. Its name comes from the French, “cloche,” meaning “bell” and it is no secret why. When looking at the hat’s shape, its body forms a bell. That “bell” is then wrapped by a ribbon of any color. This style of hat is particularly feminine and softens outfits of dresses and skirts.

The Trapper

The trapper hat will take you into the winter season. This Russian fur cap provides extra warmth to face those icy winters. Having a fur interior and ear flaps, your head is sure to be protected from the season’s brisk chill. The hat is taken after a traditional hunter’s hat and is normally made of shearling, suede, or leather.

The trapper hat is not formal, but it is a combination of cute and functional for perfect casual wear. It is a practical accessory for a winter fashion closet. Whether you are just hitting the town on a snowy winter day or heading into the mountains or forest for a nice hike, a trapper hat is one you can take either place and everywhere else.

The Newsboy

Not to be mistaken with the band, the newsboy hat is a chameleon, going between casual and formal depending on the material, color, and style. It can also make an appearance in every season with just a change of fabric. This hat goes by a few names including the schoolboy hat, baker boy cap, and Jay Gatsby’s. 

The style of the newsboy is defined by a round body cap that is full and paneled, topped with a button. Pick your shade, fabric, and style and add a sophisticated edge to your outfit.

The Beanie

The all-comfortable beanie. It blends comfort, functionality, and perhaps, even a stylish street edge. Snug or slouchy, the beanie hat is a fan favorite for casual wear. It can just about go with any everyday outfit and bring a smart outfit down-to-earth. 

The versatility of the beanie is only enhanced by the number of colors, fabrics, and patterns it can come in. That means there is one beanie for everyone. Accessorize it with your favorite winter basics or casual weekday look.

The Beret

If you aren’t familiar with the name, you surely have seen this hat as a prized accessory in French fashion, but this stylish piece is not just limited to the city streets of France. Fashion bloggers have made the beret a popular favorite and desired statement accessory for the Parisian lifestyle look. It is a must for the stylish go-getter.

The beret is a soft round hat that gently hugs the head. The hat has small dips from the rounding of the fabric that is generally made with wool or cotton. It can pair well with any city-chic look from Chanel skirts sets to a simple oversized sweater and jeans look. Your outfit is complete with a beautiful beret that frames the face brilliantly.

The Beach 

The beach hat might also be known as sun hats or floppy hats. While they might be known best from pictures of vacationers sunbathing on sandy beaches, the beach hat is not limited to this location. Reinspired with new fashion trends, the beach hat has been absorbed into bohemian fashion and accessorizes well with natural chic and casual outfits. Also these hats comes in larger sizes.

Mostly worn in the summer and spring time, the beach hat can also be sported in the fall and winter in those destinations where the weather remains fairly constant and tropical such as the Florida Keys.

The Fascinator

If there’s one hat you don’t want to leave out of your fashion arsenal, it’s the fascinator. It is an extravagant piece of headwear that can be worn in a variety of ways. From a tiny hat to an eloquent comb, the fascinator is a piece that won’t go without notice.

The fascinator is another hat that can come in a variety of styles. Its extravagance allows it to be another chameleon, changing its appearance with unique elements like feathers, flowers, and pearls. If you want to take a step back from traditional headwear and replace typical formal hats, the fascinator is the way to go.

The Baseball Cap

The baseball cap is a classic casual hat, popular with its rounded crown and stiff projecting front peak. The baseball cap comes in a variety of colors and patterns and usually dons the name of a designated sports team. It’s an easy accessory to throw on for a casual day out and pulls together a fashionable street outfit.

A hat can make or break an outfit. There are so many hats that you can add to your closet. Which style will you try next? Enter these hats into your fashion rotation and see what works best for the perfect in-style outfit.