Crop Top Outfit Ideas for Women of All Shapes and Sizes

Many of us wore crop tops happily as children and teenagers, but as we get older, we often become self-conscious about baring our bellies and showing more skin. But no matter your age, shape, or size, you should be able to find a crop top and outfit to make you feel good. Here are some ideas to help you get in on this trend.

Denim on Denim

Denim on denim has been a popular trend that was brought back a few years ago and continues to work. However, it’s essential to break up the all-denim look so it’s not too much and you don’t get Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears flashbacks. One way to do this is by wearing well-designed crop tops underneath your denim shirts or jackets. 

Adding Structure

If you love wearing casual boyfriend jeans but worry about your figure seeming swamped, it’s time to add more structure on your top half. Do this by offsetting the relaxed fit of your pants with a form-fitting crop top. This choice will provide the balance you need and can transition from day to night if you add a well-tailored jacket and some heels, too. 

Pair with Feathers

Crop tops don’t have to be just for more casual occasions, either. You can dress up your look when you’re heading out on a date or a night out on the town with friends by selecting a feathered crop top that shows a small amount of skin amongst the feathers, keeping it classy and night-time suitable and elevating the look in general. 

Underneath a Suit or Blazer

Do you like to rock a cool suit or blazer regularly? If so, you might consider adding a sexy touch underneath for a date night after work by wearing a lacy bralette. If you want to keep things more conservative when at the office earlier in the day, wear your jacket closed and leave just a little lace peeking out. Popping a blazer over any other crop top style will also help you get in on the look but lessen your skin exposure if that’s something you want. Plus, if you’re a tall lady, a crop top can help bring a suit’s separate pieces together without making you look extra long in the torso.

Tied-Up Tee

Anyone unsure if they’re going to be comfortable showing their tummy or who likes to keep their style as pared back as possible can get the look with less investment by simply taking a standard white or black tee and tying it up on one side or in the middle. This way, you decide how much skin you want to show on the day, and you can test the crop top waters without spending money on new products. Pair your knotted tee with a pair of high-waisted statement pants, some jeans, or a skirt for timeless appeal. 

Lacy Sleeves

A fun way to wear a crop top but have your look become a little more dressy and flirty is to choose a garment that comes with lacy long or three-quarter sleeves. Some billowy material made from lace on the arms will counterbalance the skin you show on your midriff and add some more interest to your look, too. This styling works perfectly paired with fitted jeans or a midi or short skirt for sunset drinks, cocktail parties at night, or breezy oceanfront lunches. 

Pair with a Maxi Skirt

You likely already have at least a few comfortable maxi skirts in your closet. If so, keep in mind that crop tops and these long skirts work beautifully together. A fitted top put together with a flowing skirt gives you a feminine, classy vibe that’s easy to wear, too. The combination also makes your torso look longer since the skirt sits high on your hips and the top shows a little midriff. Dress up this daytime outfit for the night or a special lunch by adding heels and suitable jewelry. 

Matching Prints

If you like your whole ensemble to match, search for crop tops on offer in the same material, print, and color as a skirt or pair of pants. You can go down this route if you love bold colors and patterns, such as pretty florals or funky graphic prints, but you can also keep things simpler with neutral tones if you prefer. This look is ideal for those who stress about having to pair tops and bottoms. 

If you’re after some other crop top outfit ideas, consider layering one over a shirt in the cooler months or select a ladylike cropped button-down crop shirt and pair it with a midi skirt. You can also embrace bright colors by wearing a crop top in one bold shade with pants in another to make an impact whenever you walk into a room. 

As you can see, crop tops are versatile and can work for everyone. Start playing around with outfits today to see what suits you best.