Hublot’s Lady Watches: Made for the Women of Today

Most wristwatches that are bold and sporty are made with a masculine audience in mind, and the options of designs for females are often limited to one category: slender dimensions. This is why most of those who have an interest in wristwatches are male, and the same reason why women prefer more fashionable brands like Gucci. Most brands don’t offer a wide range of options for women to choose from.

When it comes to advertising, many watch brands also are guilty of portraying women simply wearing watches. This shows why women see watches first and foremost as accessories, not tools. However, there are brands out there that are bold enough to diversify from the dainty traditional designs, one of which is Hublot.  But before we explore the different designs that Hublot has to offer for the female audience let’s look at the history of wristwatches. 

Women and Their Watches

Women and wristwatches have gone a long way even before World War I and II, which revolutionized men’s handy time-telling companion- the pocket watch. Even though many would know that the Cartier Santos made by Cartier for Alberto Santos-Dumont would be the most first-ever wristwatch, the first wristwatch was made for Caroline Murat, the Queen of Naples. However, the wristwatch being offered as a luxurious item for royalty, was a customized pocket watch attached to a bracelet- it had to wear in diaphanous environments. It was in the 19th century that more women started wearing wristwatches, but they were delicately built and prone to damage and since men were more likely to use watches in more hazardous situations, that didn’t work for them. So when the time came when wrist watches were made for men, they had sturdier designs. You can see this in most of the early advertisements in wristwatch history. Famous watch brands would advertise robust models to everyday men at work, military usage, aviation, and other fields where women are barely seen. Thus, a watch with slender dimensions is more suited for a lady’s wrist.

Today we can see that the slender wristwatches are worn not only by women, but any individual could wear bulky and bold timepieces. But we still have the same notion from advertisements that men use watches as tools and women buy them as accessories. Men are exploring deserts, ice caps, diving oceans while wearing their timepieces. While women model wristwatches, and have no other business but to accessorize with them. Some brands still offer the lady’s watch in one line of design- but not the brand Hublot

Hublot’s Lady Watches

Hublot is a company that constantly innovates with its design, materials, and motif of wristwatches. Hublot experiments have a hand in creating great combinations, playing with case shapes, blending classiness with modernity, and experimenting with metal alloys to produce revolutionary wristwatches. Their timepieces portray a bold presence and never shy away from communicating it. Hublot has no interest in providing women with small case dimensions. One of their lady’s wristwatches is the Big Bang Ladies Sports Watch in White Dial. 

1. Big Bang Ladies Sports Watch in White Dial

The Big Bang line of design is known for its angular case contrasted with its round dial and this model is no exemption. The case gives a sporty look, while its white dial and silver tones give it a clean and edgy aura. Matched with a white rubber strap, a dial crystal made from sapphire with anti-reflective treatment, and a 100-meters of water resistance, you can comfortably wear it. However, there is a fine line between being plain and elegant, and even Hublot knows that. This wristwatch is encrusted with 126 diamonds circling the bezel in two rows, for this might be too blingy, but with the dominating white dial and strap, the precious stones sit well and compliment the whole motif of the watch- bold yet delicate, clean, and yet on the go. The watch combines comfort with its stainless steel deployant buckle clasp and a durable polished and satin-finished stainless steel case and bezel. You can take this watch anymore and worry about scratches gained from wear and tear. 

2. Classic Fusion Black Magic Bracelet

Other Models from Hublot are the Classic Fusion Black Magic Bracelet, which has a very sleek design. With its polished and satin-finished black ceramic bracelet, engineered by Hublots lab to be ultra-tough and entirely scratch proof, paired with a black-plated titanium deployant buckle clasp and a black bezel surrounded with 36 diamonds, this design is for both formal and casual occasions. It has a strong presence on the wrist, with its 38-millimeter diameter. 

3. Hublot Big Bang Gold Blue Dial

For a more elegant yet powerful choice of wristwatch to wear, Hublot has the Big Bang Gold with a blue dial. This model offers a blue sunray satin-finished dial, matched with a blue alligator leather-rubber strap. This model suits those looking for a classy appeal yet shows the spirit of a person whose presence is to be reckoned with. 

4. Hublot Big Bang Broderie

Another line of design that shows how Hublot is in the future of timepieces is the Hublot Big Bang Broderie, released in 2017. The Big Bang Broderie wristwatch is made with leather-strapped that is adorned with embroidered designs. The dial also has tapestry-like designs showing an image of a skull and was available in many aesthetically Avante grade colors. The watches were very experimental, and outside of the box. Unfortunately, it was a limited edition timepiece, and Hublot only produced 200 pieces. There are other more classic designs for ladies in Hublot that would appeal to someone who has a simpler taste, one thing’s for sure, whether it’s an elegant or revolutionary style you’re after, when it comes to design, Hublot is on the right track. 

In Conclusion

History might have tied some things down for women, like wristwatches. But as we move forward to the future, we need to explore other ways to show how women are part of different passions of this world. So if you are interested in the watch models mentioned above, you can take a better look at them at TheWatchCompany!