7 Trendy Nail Polish Colors To Try This Season

Nails can help you look put together, express yourself, boost your confidence, and help you look stylish. Moreover, getting a mani-pedi and having your nails painted is a great way to relax, take some time for yourself, or even spend time with your friends.  

However, choosing the right color and finish can sometimes be challenging because there are so many options. These days, nail polish brands come up with new shades all the time, so you might have several options that you want to try out.  

This summer season, several new shades would perfectly match the mood. As such, you should plan out when to paint your nails, so you can try out each of the following colors.  

1. Lemon Yellow

Just like spring colors, you could get away with bright and fun shades during summer. This season, it’s the perfect time to brighten up your fingertips with a bright sunny yellow. It’s sure to draw attention and liven up your whole look.  

Take the opportunity to see which yellow tone is perfect for your skin tone. Whether it’s warmer or cooler tones, there’s definitely a shade that would complement you. Lemon yellow is a cool tone, but a warm option would be sunshine yellow.  

2. Sea Foam Green

Green is a fantastic color for warmer seasons since it’s a gorgeous tone that isn’t overrated. But if a brighter or richer tone, like emerald green, feels too much for you, there are some shades that are subtle and diluted but still definitely green. It’s quite easy to find these shades in your local department store, drugstore brands, and specific nail polish brands, such as Coteshop.  

3. Chartreuse Green

If you’re feeling adventurous and brave, you don’t have to settle for a watered-down green. But you might also find the classic deep green a little too boring. If you’re looking for something more unique, chartreuse green might just satisfy your craving for a bold take on green.  

Like apple green, it has more yellow, but it’s on the warmer side, click here to see the shade. It’s a relaxing color but with a touch of sunshine to perk up your look.  

4. Warm Coral

Another longtime favorite is coral, and it looks like it isn’t going out of fashion any time soon. It’s a classic color for blush and lipstick, so it’s known to be a flattering shade for most skin tones. While it’s great for all seasons when it comes to makeup, it’s best suited for summer or spring if you plan to use coral nail polish.  

Warmer coral is the tone to reach for because it matches the warmth of the season. It’s terrific for light to deep skin tones, so you could surely get away with it as you get bronzy and tan under the sun.  

5. Vanilla White

Some people love to try out all kinds of colors in the summer, but it can get a little overwhelming. Thankfully, you could still give yourself a break from the splashy and vibrant shades by going with a classic white. However, you might want to stay away from the bright icy whites and instead go for something warmer, such as vanilla or off whites.

This color is also a fantastic base for any nail art in mind because it gives a stark background to help the design pop out. But it’s still a lovely plain color that you could wear every day, and it goes with almost any outfit because it’s pretty neutral.  

6. Metallic Terra-Cotta

Pretty bright colors are the trend, but you don’t have to wait for the winter to get something with glitters or a metallic finish. It’ll be a perfect shade for the warm and sunny season if it doesn’t look too festive.  

Metallic terra-cotta shades might be something that will take your look up a notch. The orangey-brown is a showstopper because of its rich and warm pigmentation with the added shine. It’s a glamorous choice for nights out during the summer.  

7. Nude

Sometimes, it’s best to go for something understated and just a simple and clean look. Nudes are always in season, so it’s a shade you’ll want to have all year long. But remember that the perfect nude will depend on your skin tone, so take some time to look for the perfect shade for you.  

Make sure that your nails are well-shaped and groomed to match the impeccable sleekness of this look. So, if you’re ever in doubt about what nail color to wear, a nude shade will always be a reliable choice.  


Summer is the time to try out bright kaleidoscopic colors, so having fun with it is the main piece of advice any stylist can tell you. Brighter and bolder nail polish shades or warmer neutrals should fit the mood and season. However, you could wear whatever shade you want regardless of the season.