Fall in Love with These 7 Extraordinary SevenFriday Watches

Are you looking for something unique or out-of-the-norm design in a watch? I mean, yes, classic timepieces are good, especially at formal parties or while you’re wearing your corporate attire. But what about those days that you feel like wearing rugged clothes and going casual? Well, you got to try this fantastic brand – SevenFriday watches. This clock will match your style. 

SevenFriday’s owner, Daniel Niederer, began managing his own company in 2012. He loves working while enjoying it, so he came up with something he’s passionate about. Thus, the motto of this brand, “Show Me, Don’t Tell Me,” represents going out of your shell and experiencing the freedom to try new things. Like, it is always Friday!

Niederer started with a small capital and believed that his creations must portray a carefree attitude. Hence, they are spectacular when we look at the designs; you will fall for them instantly! The products such as eyewear, apparel, and watches wear distinctive designs that you won’t see at other brands. Today, 90 countries are marketing SevenFriday with 317,000 Instagram followers as of April 2021.

Popular Collections of SevenFriday

This stunning watch used Japan’s caliber movement, Miyota, while being manufactured as a Swiss brand. Unique, right? No one has ever thought of that but Niederer. SevenFriday leaped to manufacture beautifully designed watches while putting up with the industrial theme. 

Its look never goes wrong with any type of clothes you want to wear. Let’s take a look at the eccentric models of this brand as we reveal their extraordinary features.

Q Series Q2/03 (44.3mm)

SevenFriday’s Q Series comes with copper, gray, and black, representing the industrial theme and looks like an engine component. Often, it is called the “Choo-Choo” watch, like a sound that comes from the train. Some of the unique features include:

  • A compass-like hand that rotates fully after 24 hours 
  • Date indicator on the 3 o’clock position. 
  • Minute hands, hour sub-dials, and smaller dials for seconds
  • Leather strap with a train railroad design and incorporates the rust and worn-out look 
  • NFC chip that can connect to the mobile app of SevenFriday to find out its authenticity
  • Miyota 8219 Caliber movement, self-winding with 21,600 vph frequency
  • 40-hour power reserve
  • 30m water resistance, not suitable for diving though, only some splashes

S Series S1/01 (47mm)

On the other hand, the S Series emphasizes the environment theme; that’s why it uses environment-friendly components. The following features made up the S Series.

  • Recycled nylon-made outer case or often called as animation ring 
  • Metallic blue screws, seen outside the watch through the translucent nylon
  • Skeletonized dial wherein the movement is seen if you’ll look inside
  • Miyota 82S5 movement that has 21 jewels
  • 40-hour power reserve
  • Black, soft-touch padded leather strap

P Series  P3B/03 (47mm)

Cars inspired the P Series, so if you see an example of this watch, you might think of cars like Lamborghini and Bumblebee. The company called it the “Racing Team Yellow” timepiece and “the symbol of the bond between man and machine.”. It carries features such as:

  • Carbon fiber print with a layer that is five times as thick and is made of gunmetal-finish hardware
  • Silicone leather strap, inspired by the rider’s protective gear 
  • Bright yellow-colored dial
  • Miyota 82S7 automatic movement 
  • Precision rating of -20/+40
  • 40-hour power reserve
  • 30m water resistance

V Series V3/01 (44.3mm)

Like the other models, it also takes some automotive design and focuses on speedometers when it comes to functionality. SevenFriday fans called it “driver’s edition” for having the same design as motorsport timepieces. 

  • The dial has a carbon fiber pattern, speedometer-alike numerals, and red/light blue shades.
  • Has “Additionner Principle” that tells time by solving some Math
  • Brushed steel surfaces mimic pedals and gearshift paddles
  • The black leather strap that thick black stitches and ribbed pattern
  • Has Fast Strap Changer that allows removing the belt without any tool

M Series M3/01 (47mm)

This collection is the “Spaceship Edition,” as the brand calls it. If you see this model, you will probably think of Star Trek or Star Wars, something futuristic and space appealing. It presents a 3D vision because of the seven layers and eleven parts applied to the watch.

  • The dial has red accents added to the other colors, such as black, silver, and gray.
  • Miyota 8215 caliber movement
  • Self-winding and has 21 jewels with the frequency of 21,600 vph
  • 40-hour power reserve
  • Parashock system for durability

W Series W1/01 (44.3mm)

The W Series is known as “The Blade.” It has a square round case and a circular disk that has teeth-like edges. Energy instruments inspired this collection.

  • The dial has black, gray, and orange and has multiple layers with only one hand.
  • Hour disk featuring a somewhat chopping blade in between layers
  • The small disk at 5 o’clock showing the seconds while the minutes are through the only hand
  • Self-winding, Miyota 82S7 movement with 21 jewels and 21,600 vph

T Series T2/01 (45mm)

Apart from other models, the T collection is slimmer with a height of 12.95mm. This 45mm watch has a transparent design with a graphic design on the crystal. 

  • TMI NH70 caliber automatic movement, made by Seiko
  • Hand-wounded, 41-hour power reserve
  • Diashock system
  • Canvas strap
  • Gradient green transparent lens, like that in a sunglass
  • Anti-reflective coating, K1 mineral glass

Final Say

Daniel Niederer’s humble beginnings led to the brand’s success in just a few years. SevenFriday has emerged with unique designs that stand out among the rest. It’s a given that this luxury watch has already conquered the interests of collectors. By merely looking at the aesthetics, you’ll be amazed at how they manage to put up such innovation. If you are not familiar with the watch, it will puzzle you how to read the time indicated.

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