The Urge to Perform Better and Better Is Driving Students toward Smart Drugs

An increasingly pressured environment in the world of education is driving students more and more towards nootropics or smart drugs to help them cope with the stress and perform better. This is very sad to see given that the creativity of students should be allowed to flourish with the need for such drugs. Work recently conducted by the Etalab aimed to highlight the importance of student creativity. Franck de Vedrines was one of the contributors to the study. The popularity of smart drugs is growing very fast among students across the world amid an ongoing debate about its usefulness and whether it is at all necessary. Treating some medical conditions was the primary use or the purpose of the discovery of smart drugs and it is alleged to have the ability to enhance mental performance. This is perhaps the most attractive feature of smart drugs that is driving students to use the drugs to excel in studies. Moreover, people who take the drugs for non-medical reasons claim that it helps to increase alertness and reduce fatigue.

Amid the arguments raging around smart drugs that includes the question of ethics and morality, its popularity among students is unquestionable. Studies reveal that college students are heavily dependent on smart drugs as they believe it helps them to stay on top of their studies which are just too much demanding. Adderall, Piracetam, Ritalin, and Modafinil are very popular on college campuses as ‘study drugs,’ and some students even label it as ‘professors’ little helpers.’ About 20% of students admit that they use smart drugs because they believe that they need nootropics to get ahead. Whether smart drugs enhance the powers of the brain and make it perform better is highly debatable, but there should not be any doubt that the drugs can turn people into workhorses. Students can keep studying continuously without sleeping when they take smart drugs that gives them more opportunity to cram through their studies.

Staying competitive

Students must fight hard to remain competitive, and it is not possible to stand up to the demands of studies by depending on the natural abilities of individuals. The ever-increasing pressure on students to perform better has turned into a fight for existence because the inability to perform well can harm career prospects. Getting the best value from degrees and diplomas is the goal of every student who knows very well that they can never afford to lag and are ready to take the fight to the next level by enhancing their cognitive abilities by using smart drugs. Staying ahead of others is the only goal that receives good support from a wide range of smart drugs that have become a part of student lifestyle. The belief that smart drugs are the way to stay ahead and cut through competition has made it the most trusted companion of students.

Looking beyond academics

Academics alone is not the only reason for students depending on smart drugs. If you look at the educational curriculum, especially for professional studies, you will discover the close link between academics and career start-up opportunities. Besides doing well in academics, students of professional courses have to obtain summer placements which are intensely competitive and participate in continual professional development to enhance their CVs while preparing for their future careers. Students who are serious about their studies and careers are eager to acquire the extra power that gives them a cutting edge in competition. They must do much more than burning the night oil to get off the blocks and reach the finishing line first for which smart drugs are the only option.

That’s not to say that ‘traditional’ drugs like marijuana aren’t still being used by students and other professionals stressed about their workloads or purely for creative inspiration. For businesses where drug testing is a frequent occurrence however, this can pose a problem. Some people therefore turn to detox products if they have advance warning of a drug test and want to prepare. If you’d like more information about how drug detoxes work, you can check this Toxin Rid case study.

The laggards love smart drugs

Located at the other extreme are students who had made the best use of their time by partying and having fun and did not mind to give a miss to the studies. To make up for the lost time and dash at breakneck speed at the last minute for earning a place of respectability in the race, this group of students confides in the powers of smart drugs. To pass the examinations and earning a degree without compromising on the fun and frolic that life offers, the backbenchers who want to get the best of both worlds reach out for nootropics to get ahead.

Nothing less than the best

The word is out that mediocrity is not acceptable in any sphere of life because only the front runners are likely to enjoy a rewarding life. Therefore, every student knows that they need to be among the best and nothing less is acceptable to them. Very high grades of the yesteryears that had helped their parents to achieve respectable living and the good life are of little or no relevance today because the performance bar has gone up many more times. The earlier performance standard of our predecessors that had helped them get good jobs in those times will not help even to get a call up for an interview today.

There is too much at stake for students today, and since they cannot afford to take chances, they are using smart drugs to empower themselves and turn into superhumans capable of performing at the peak of their abilities. Boosting the brain and making the bodywork relentlessly forgetting about sleep is the power that students derive from smart drugs that have proved to be the match winner. Nootropics can support people to stretch their physical and mental abilities to the extreme which suits the needs of high performers because everyone wants to earn a place on the podium.

A changed life-view

Over the years, the attitude of students has undergone a sea change as their minds stretch much beyond studies and have become more career oriented. They are no more happy to do well in studies only but want to add more value to the degrees so that they become battle-ready to grab the best opportunity of starting a career that comes on their way. Although it took many years for the change to happen, once it came, it progressed rapidly. The changed life-view of students who want to earn more and lead a prosperous life has propelled the use of smart drugs, albeit ethical and moral debates that surround it.

Extracting maximum value from education

Being barely qualified is no more enough because it will hardly help you to get a job. And even if you get one, it would hardly justify the efforts that you had to put in to earn the degree. All the grinding that students undergo in the process of acquiring education turns them more ambitious as they feel the value of their efforts deserves more promising job opportunities. Just as students are putting more efforts to earn degrees, they expect more rewarding jobs that are commensurate with the hard work that they put in. This attitude creates a cycle of endless pursuit for betterment that intensifies the competition. To pursue education aggressively is the only way to survive. To enhance the mental abilities that help students to remember more and grasp more so that they can cram through thousands of pages in just a few days, smart drugs are the only solution.

Not students alone but others are also using smart drugs

Enhancing brain performance is not only the need for students but even for professionals and scientists who share the same aspirations of students to become the best in their fields. Nobody is ready to relax and enjoy their success but instead, prefer to scale new heights. People are always climbing up and up to ensure that they become exceptional performers in their respective fields. For performing at exceptional levels, doctors and surgeons, as well as scientists and corporate bosses including the talents that shine brightly in the Silicon Valley, are regularly using nootropics. The drugs help them to improve concentration so that they can focus better and reduce the impulsive behavior that leads to unnecessary risky decisions. It also helps to boost memory and planning as the brain becomes more organized thereby enabling it to perform tasks that earlier had seemed too difficult to handle.

Help from smart drugs

The stress of exams is nothing new, but perhaps it was never as intense and unmanageable as students find it today. The stress has become unbearable and spreads panic among students who consider under-performance as bad as falling off a cliff. The odds are stacked steeply against them that at times seems impossible to counter with one’s normal abilities. Across the universities and college campuses, the picture is the same across the globe. Students are desperate to do well even if it means taking support from smart drugs that can make them work relentlessly for days without sleeping and feeling fatigue.

Students using smart drugs can study more because they can devote long hours and enjoy more grasping power resulting from enhanced concentration and memory. Distractions do not matter because it becomes almost non-existent, such as the level of concentration. It happens that someone can even forget having lunch while studying.

Even though smart drugs are drugs, marketers prefer to present it as performance enhancing supplements meaning that it does not have any medicinal use but can only boost the powers of the brain. Next time when you go searching for smart drugs in the market, look for substances that enhance cognitive abilities for supporting your goal of being a high achiever.