Traveller’s Guide to NYC

New York City is known as the most visited city in America and is famous for many great things like fashion, food, and art. NYC is also home to so many cultures from around the world. There is always something to do in NYC and it has many amazing places to visit and explore. Below are a few tips if you plan on traveling to New York.

Places to visit

  1. Meander through Central Park – This is ideal if you are on a budget as it is free and has various paths to walk through. In summer, you will find free concerts and theatre productions.
  2. Visit Brooklyn – You may find Brooklyn to feel like home as they have a great sense of family and culture in the city. If you will be in NYC for a while, visit Brooklyn and rent a room in a co-living apartment. Co-living is popular in NYC, so you should find a room to let in no time. This will assist you with the accommodation costs and you can also meet new people and make a few lasting friendships.
  3. 9//11 Memorial Museum – The freedom tower offers travellers a great view of the city and information about the heart-wrenching incident that claimed many lives.
  4. Metropolitan Museum Art – Showcased are many portraits and sculptures from the 20th century. The art encompassed here will take you a full day to truly enjoy and experience.
  5. Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island – This is not to be missed when you’re in NYC. In Ellis Island you will get an understanding of the people who helped build NYC.
  6. Take a walk on the high lane – This place is made from a train track and has now become a walking park. It contains public art, food popups, and gardens.

Other activities

  1. Take the ferry to Staten Island
  2. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge
  3. Visit as many museums as you can
  4. Visit the Radio City Music Hall
  5. Visit a theatre and watch a production
  6. Wander around and look for interesting things to do, you will find lots
  7. Go to Battery park
  8. Visit Times Square
  9. Go to Prospect Park
  10. Visit Bronx Zoo


The average amount per day would be around $60-$90 however this is dependent on the places you visit and stay. You should take advantage of every free activity that is offered as this will also give you a great chance to experience what the city has to offer.

Tips to save money in NYC

  1. Opt for free tours
  2. Get cheaper theatre tickets at the TKTS stand
  3. Visit free museums
  4. Get a MetroCard which will help if you plan on taking the train often
  5. Look for affordable food like food carts and ethnic restaurants
  6. Get the NYC pass which allows you to visit up to about 80 NYC attractions
  7. Consider Couchsurfing or co-living to save money

The above tips should help you with your NYC trip but above all, try and plan beforehand so that you budget well and you plan your day properly to maximize your time in New York, the city that never sleeps.