How AI Can Be Used in Brand Activation Events

Artificial intelligence (AI) is without a doubt one of the most exciting technologies to have emerged in recent years. Its impact throughout various business sectors is nothing new; from IT and manufacturing to agriculture and healthcare, the technology is helping to revolutionise the way in which our economy is organised.

The Marketing sector is one that you may not immediately associate with artificial intelligence, you might be more used to seeing things like Promotion Choice keychains, but the technology has been making waves in marketing circles nonetheless.

Brand activation events – events that centre around increasing awareness of, and engagement with your brand – are one of the most popular platforms for leveraging AI. Now as one of the most entertaining and engaging features to incorporate into your events, we’ve listed some of the ways in which you can use AI in your next brand activation event.

AI and Experiential Marketing

AI’s potential for creating a meaningful marketing experience is arguably one of its biggest strengths, and brands of all shapes and sizes have begun to take notice. The importance of involving an audience in the experience has become increasingly clear, and many of the best-known brand activation events have used this element to their advantage.

Automotive giant Ford adopted this same tactic in July of 2018 when it opted to promote its Focus model using AI. The installation descended on cities such as London and Berlin, offering passers-by the opportunity to engage with the machine. Upon telling the machine their interests, the technology was able to display an image of the person against a personalised backdrop relevant to their interests.

Sports footwear brand New Balance was also able to successfully turn heads with their #BeTheException campaign. The company’s brand activation efforts made use of algorithmic image processing and surveillance to analyse the fashion choices of passers-by. This data was then used to spot individuals whose wardrobe stood out from the crowd, rewarding them with a pair of the brand’s latest shoes.

The above are both strong examples of how AI can be used to create a unique marketing experience that helps your brand stand out from the crowd. In addition, making use of experiential marketing can also help to achieve one of the main goals of brand activation events – bringing your brand to life in the minds of your consumer.

Event Registration

AI’s potential in shaping brand activation events isn’t just about the showstoppers. In fact, artificial intelligence can also go a long way in revolutionising some of the practicalities associated with brand events.

Event registration is one of the areas in which its potential becomes especially clear. Needless to say, organising an event isn’t easy; even with the help of an event agency, successfully managing a large number of people whilst simultaneously offering them an unforgettable experience can be challenging and somewhat stressful. What’s more, problems with managing attendees effectively can negatively impact the brand experience you’re attempting to create, so it’s important to make use of the right tools to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Face recognition technologies are likely to play an important role in automating event registration in the near future. By greatly simplifying the registration process, the use of AI enables attendees to focus on what matters – experiencing the uniqueness of your brand.

Data Analysis

The importance of data in the marketing discipline cannot be stressed enough. Marketers have long been using data in the hope of successfully reaching their target audience, and AI is playing an important role in strengthening their capabilities in that regard.

Artificial intelligence is able to analyse large amounts of data in a way that humans cannot, and this represents an opportunity for professionals wanting to get involved with brand marketing.

No matter which way you look at it, brand activation events are all about establishing an authentic connection with your target audience. AI’s capability to analyse large amounts of data effectively can be used to target consumers more effectively – a capability that can also be used as part of your event.

Understanding Interaction

Many brand activation events involve interaction in some way, and AI can be used to make that interaction much more meaningful and appealing. Apart from creating an experience that your audience is likely to remember, the technology also provides a valuable opportunity to better understand the various ways in which your audience interacts with your brand.

By offering consumers a platform for engagement, marketers are able to experience their brand’s impact first-hand. In turn, that feedback can then be used to develop services further with the aim of maximising your business success.

The Road Ahead

Artificial intelligence is continuing to transform the ways in which marketers connect with their market, and its impact in the sector will continue to grow at a rapid pace. The marriage between AI and brand activation events is the marketing equivalent of a match made in heaven, offering limitless potential for those who understand how to harness its power effectively.