7 Ways to Maximize the Space In Your Kitchen

Whether you have a tiny kitchen and want to make it look bigger, or you have a decent sized kitchen and want to clean up its appearance, by optimizing your space for better organization, you can achieve all of your goals.

And maximizing your kitchen space isn’t just about making your kitchen look better or creating a more functional area. Studies have shown that organization and decluttering can also be beneficial for your health. By clearing up your space, you’re essentially also decluttering your mind by decreasing your stress levels, reducing your anxiety, and even helping you sleep better at night. With that in mind, here are seven ways you can maximize your kitchen space:

Install a Pot Rack

A pot rack is a great way to help free up some space in your kitchen. Ideally, you have an island and can install your pot rack above it. But even if you don’t have an island, you can still spruce up your kitchen with a pot rack. Other areas you can hang the pot rack are over the stove, sink, or along an empty wall combined with a wall shelf.

After all, pots are among the biggest products you have, and they can take up plenty of space. Additionally, having them on a pot rack allows you to have a ground level, 360-degree view of all your pots, so you don’t have to shuffle things around to find the pots you want when you need them.

Invest In Risers

Risers can be placed inside of your cabinets to help separate items. For example, in one cabinet, you might use a riser to vertically separate plates from bowls, or tall glasses from short glasses. This way, you won’t be pulling dishes out of large stacks and you can leverage your cabinet space better. Without risers, it would be difficult to stack dishware as high without creating a mess and getting disorganized fairly quickly.

Add Magnetic Knife Stripes

Clear up your utensils cabinets and jars by adding a magnetic strip above your stove for your knives. With your knives all in front of you in the open, you can quickly utilize them when cooking. Strips come in different types of colors and patterns, or you can stick to a simple stripe with little to no decoration.

Start Decluttering

“One of the simplest ways to streamline the space in your kitchen is to start getting rid of items you don’t need or use as frequently,” says the storage company team at https://www.livible.com/. Conduct a inventory of your kitchen items and truly take a moment to think about which items are necessary. By decluttering your counter space, you can make the overall kitchen feel much bigger than it is.

If you don’t want to put some appliances, decor, or other items into storage, you should have freed up some space by following some of the aforementioned tips. For instance, if you’ve installed a pot rack, you can move a bulky appliance like a food processor or pressure cooker to the cabinet that previously held pots.

Add Shelves Above Cabinets

If you have high ceilings and/or low shelves, you can take advantage of this by adding shelves above your cabinets. Because it’s slightly out of reach, you might want to use it as storage space you don’t use as often, like large mixing bowls or pitchers. And keep in mind that this area of the kitchen—unlike what’s inside your cabinetry—is in plain site. This means everything on these shelves should be ultra-organized and neat.

Utilize Wall Space

Your cabinets aren’t the only place you store kitchen products. By adding shelving to your walls, you can create plenty of space to an otherwise crowded kitchen. For many, this isn’t the most obvious storage area. Shelves, a fold down table, and peg boards can do wonders as a storage solution. Pegboards are particularly versatile, and allow you to not only make practical use of your space, but to have plenty of items right there within arm’s reach. Check out these pegboard kitchen ideas for some inspiration.  

Install Mug Hooks

Why not easily utilize the space underneath your cabinets for hooks? Then, use these hooks to hold mugs. Mugs are a great option for hanging on hooks because they’re bulky and take up enough cabinet space. To make your kitchen look more uniform and clean, invest in a new set of mugs that all have the same pattern and design. This way, you’ll see a row of cohesive mugs lined up when you walk into your kitchen.