Top 5 Places Sports Destination for Travellers who Love Sports

Travel adds a new dimension to life. It helps you to zone out from the ordinary life struggles and daily chores. Taking a vacation once or twice a year is imperative. It helps you to unwind and get back to your daily tasks with a new zest and zeal. However, not everyone loves to travel in the same. Different people have different preferences. Some globetrotters like to gaze at the sea, and some love to trek the mountains or explore the endless in a dense wood. And there’s another section of people who love to get the adrenaline rush even when they are traveling. These travelers are the ones who have made sports tourism famous.

In recent times, sports tourism has become increasingly popular. So if you are making your yearend travel plan, you can count on the best destinations that are known for sports tourism.  Are you searching for the best options? If yes, you can rely on the following names.


Olympic Games 2012 successfully got launched in London. Naturally, this city has all the sports that you can think of and ask for. You can count on the mainstream sports such as golf, cricket, soccer, cycling, rugby, and even wrestling. Additionally, horse racing is also a favorite sport in London. You can visit some of the best horse race course that you can see in TVG Network and explore extensively. These destination can look more attractive and beautiful if you visit these locations by a private jet, Yes might be thinking that a private jet charter in London can cost you so much money, But after hiring one, you will definitely consider the money worth for your beautiful sport vacation.


Jamaica is a world-famous sports tourism destination. And it’s a surprise that this country provides scopes which aim at catering the tourists travel appetite as well as excitement. Jamaica opens its doors to various tourist attractions and some of the best options in tennis, mountain biking, dog sledding, fishing, diving and many more. If you are searching for one of a kind sports destination around the globe, choose Jamaica.


Not many people are aware, but Qatar is one place that is popular for its social and sporting activities. The place with is vast coastlines along with a warm climate is apt for a wide range of water sports. You can select from diving, boating, and sailing as well.

South Korea

Do you have a natural inclination towards Judo, Taekwondo, and Martial Arts? If yes, then South Korea is the sports destination you should travel to. Additionally, the tourists here also have options to witness golf, football, and baseball matches as well. You can also opt-in for the scenic hiking trails or opt-in for boating.


Are you a big fan of Formula 1 racing? If yes, then Malaysia is the place that you need to visit today. Malaysia is the center for power boat and Formula 1 car racing along with motorcycling. Furthermore, the country from time to time hosts multiple sports tournaments. Visitors will have several options to select from.

Today, there are many other sports travel destinations that you can select from. But if you are planning your yearend tour, the names mentioned above are fabulous choices that to opt-in for. So start browsing and take your pick.