Toys and Games to Take With You on Holiday Travel for Your Preschooler

Any parent will tell you that traveling on a holiday vacation with a preschooler can be a challenging task and needs a good plan. Whether you are traveling by car, plane or other forms of transportation your child is likely to get bored. This is why having a playlist filled with kid songs could make the journey a lot less stressful. This will keep them occupied for some time. Also, having a small toy or game in the car will aid in entertaining your child. When choosing the toys that are the best toys to take on a holiday, finding ones that entertain in the car and at the destination kills two birds with one stone.

1.Wooden Cube Puzzles

Wooden cube puzzles are small, light and easy to transport. This makes them one of the best toys to take on holiday. Wooden cube puzzle are a good puzzle for 2 years old kids due to the visual concept of the puzzle. There are many different types of wooden cube puzzles for kids. The ones designed for two-year old kids have images on each side, and the cubes must be arranged to complete an image. One parent can ride in the back seat with the preschooler and help the child match the blocks to form a recognizable image.

2.3D Tic Tac Toe

One of the great things about wood games is that they are portable and sturdy. This is why favorites such as Tic Tac Toe are popular when traveling. Squares are printed with x’s and o’s and played on a three-by-three grid, frequently made of wood as well. This allows parents to teach their children a basic game of logic. There are versions that increase the level of strategy by adding multiple levels above the first game board. These are typically known as 3D Tic Tac Toe and add many more opportunities to win the Tic Tac Toe for advanced preschoolers.

3.Portable Gaming Systems

A portable gaming system in another type of game that preschoolers can use in both the car and the hotel while on vacation. Depending on the comfort and skill level your preschooler has with electronics there are numerous options. For those new to electronic games, small single game handheld choices may be best. For kids that are more familiar with electronics, there are some designed for preschoolers that closely resemble tablets and phones. The nice thing about those is that many can also play videos to entertain the child in the car and the hotel.

4.Deck of Cards

Toys you bring do not have to be bulky or complex. A simple deck of cards can keep preschoolers entertained for hours. You can create versions of popular kids card games such as Old Maid or Go Fish with a standard deck of playing cards. War is another option, especially when traveling in the car.

5.Collectible Card Games

Another simple toy to play with both in the car and the hotel are known as collectible card games. All kids need to play these games is a deck of a specific collectible card game. A pad of paper can be used to keep score on. These games reduce the need for large playing areas. Typically the versions of collectible card games involve following the printed directions on the cards themselves making the games easy to learn.

6.Board Games For Preschoolers

Keeping with the theme of games, there are many variations of popular board games designed for preschoolers. Some of these games that traditional use dice are constructed with a box around the dice to “push and pop” to roll the dice and keep them entertained without making a mess. This allows for the games to be played in the car or the hotel. One example of this game is Trouble. There are simplified versions of traditional games such as Monopoly and Clue for preschoolers that can be played in the hotel room. These games can save you and your preschoolers from a very boring night on those unfortunate vacation nights that are rain-filled.

7.Balls For The Playground and Beyond

When thinking of toys and games idea for your vacations, bring an option to keep your kids active physically. This means if you are going to the beach, either a volleyball or a soccer ball will provide entertainment for all of you to enjoy. Ask at the hotel you are staying at if there is a basketball court nearby as another options to keep you and your kids active. Another option is bringing a bocce ball set which you can play as a family. A final option is the old standard of a ball and glove, but make sure you bring gloves for everyone in the family.

This list of games and toys provides a variety of options. They are a mix of activities that you preschooler can enjoy with minimal supervision, as well as ones that keep the entire family involved. This list provided in this article provides hours or days of entertainment while conserving as much space as possible.