The USA’s Greatest Sporting Leagues

There’s plenty to choose from when it comes to laying down bets on American sports. Whatever your game plan looks like, there is something for everyone, and there are always plenty of ways to win big. Here we take a look at the USA’s greatest sporting leagues and what makes them so popular with both sports fans and bettors.


With fast paced games, aggressive competition and the coveted Stanley Cup to be won, the

The National Hockey League offers those looking for excitement a steady port of call. The games are always played with a high level of energy and intensity, and so there is always something going on. This constant action is great for bettors as well as for fans as there is always plenty to bet on, and there is always a chance of the outside bet coming good. In such a diverse league with such exciting games there is always the chance of something unexpected happening, and all bettors like to get in on the unlikely action as opposed to playing it a bit safer, but you can’t go far wrong when you check out consensus picks for the NHL.


The National Football League has always been popular in the USA and has long been one of our greatest sporting leagues. However, recent years the league has also exploded across the globe. In Europe, where it has only ever really been enjoyed in Germany before recently, it is gathering fans in their millions. Fans and bettors are tuning in to watch games, and there are also games being played in countries like the UK. Everyone has their favourite team and the league boasts some of the country’s biggest sporting stars as the league continues to be a fixture of American culture. It is also the league that gives us one of the country’s most enjoyable social events: the Super Bowl.


Of all of the great sporting leagues in the USA, the NBA is perhaps the most star studded. It is the league that has produced some of the country’s most recognizable sporting stars, and it is also the league that attracts fans from the world of music and movies. It has always been a betting favorite due to the way in which form can be tracked and the in-game action that is there to be enjoyed. Whether you enjoy watching the league’s rising stars, or enjoying the classic games that have made the league so famous, there is always a match to suit your mood and betting strategy.


An icon of American sport, the MLB is one of the most recognisable leagues in the world. At 117 years old, the league has seen its fair share of action over its lifetime. There have been many winning bets won on homers over the years, and that is not likely to change anytime soon! It is a league associated with some of the most celebrated and famous sports stars in the world and it continues to appeal to young people both at home and abroad.